Quetta Bleeds – Pakistan Weeps

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Entire country is in a state of shock. Repeated attacks on Shia Hazara community in Quetta Balochistan has killed hundreds and brought entire country to a standstill. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that lawlessness has taken over entire country. People are no more safe and living under serious threats. Shia community protested across the country and people from all sects and walks of life stood shoulder to shoulder with them. Government has made some promises, which are yet to be fulfilled. But would they provide the ultimate solution? Where are we heading as a nation in current chaotic situation?

Killings in the name of religion have dented the religion. Terrorism has no religion, whether its state sponsored terrorism of US and her allies, or killings of innocent Hazara Shias. We should condemn terrorism committed by all. Drone strikes on innocent families cannot be termed as collateral damage. This has turned into a revenge war and a breeding ground of terrorism. This terrorism will spread more across the country if we don’t cry halt. The killings of Hazra community is barbaric and brutal and the culprits should be punished in public. It is worth mentioning that the protests of Hazara community have remained peaceful and vast majority supported them and condemned violence in the name of religion.

It is evident that foreign funds are involved in this chaos. But locals are being used as operatives. It’s the prime duty of our law enforcing agencies to target the culprits, and government is totally incompetent. Military action has not born any fruits so far in FATA, rather it has created more lawlessness, revenge and terrorism. Now army would be doing targeted operation, with hopes of better results. But wait a minute! Army is already in control of Balochistan, so will it make a significant difference?

Media, whether conventional or social, pick and choose their ‘favourite’ topics to protest about. Do we know about the 18 people who were gunned down in Khyber agency ; very few voices were raised in their favour.  Their family members were not allowed to protest infront of governor house of KPK. Target killing has become a norm in Karachi but media rarely talks about it. The economic hub of Pakistan has been devastated but govt and the ruling parties are conveniently silent and not taking any significant action. Blood of Karachites is cheap and therefore not raising many eye brows. Some friends from Karachi told us that its virtually impossible for Karachites to roam freely in the markets and eat and dine out without fear.

Its time for unity, to identify our real enemies. Ordinary civilians have nothing to do with shia sunni conflict and they want to live with harmony.  Military action might be a short term solution, but in the longer run, we need to stop being puppets of foreign forces. Its time that we push our respected leaders to join hands for unity and carve a strategy out of this chaotic situation. I believe we can deal with economic mess and corruption, but security and law and order conditions require national unity. Its utter failure of government and security agencies that they failed to defend the citizens of the country. Life of each and every citizen is important, whether he is killed in target killing, bomb blast or drone strike. We must act on humanitarian grounds. All lives are precious and we must take action to save them.

Muhammad Saad Khan

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. Excellent article… your points well made and your compassion shines through. Agree, its vital that we support shia community subjected to horrific bombings decimating communities. Right now terror is coming from all directions from individual, group and state… anyone can be targeted… this is a dire and unacceptable situation. Every effort must be made by government and citizens to stand against violence and initiate efforts for peace and calm. Drones only lead to further violence by radicalizing young people, then we have the secondary victims of more bomb attacks. The media both national and international also has a duty here to report fairly and accurately on events…

  2. Xcellent analysis! Drone attack kills many more,but no sensitivity on it,

  3. Greetings,

    Excellent article. Thank you for it. As you say, all people, without exception, matter.

    All good wishes,


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