Divided we fall

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We have learnt and read through fascinating stories and examples of history that believing in unity as strength is the key to success and division is the route to downfall. Regardless of the number of population sect-wise in Pakistan, it is observed that implanting hatred and creating distances have always existed in one way or the other. Where our nation stands as one force when a calamity afflicts us or we win a cricket match, hatred and division is seen on the rise and it is surely one of the reasons why we are heading towards becoming a failed state.

Different sects, their own ideas of dominance, ‘holier than thou’ attitude and declaring each other as ‘non-believers (Kafir) are some serious problems. This attitude has given rise to violence in the society. It’s a fact that issues related to sectarian identities are not new.  Mosques and madrasas, or seminaries of traditional Islamic education, play a role in this regard. Where they have a responsibility to bring closer the Muslims and make the ties stronger among the Muslim community, some of them may actually take dividing the nation as their ‘noble’ duty.  They may feel their sectarian affiliation dearer to heart and cause, than their affiliation to the beautiful religion of peace itself. The leadership of such madrassas comes from people who began their careers as preachers and ‘imams’ in their neighbourhood mosques. They do not necessarily represent the most learned and wise men, as in the days of the Prophet (SAW).

A fear factor has emerged among the new generation which deserves to be loved, groomed, cherished and respected. The generation which should hold a pen and book in their hands, holds guns either to give protection to their families, or to do their so called “Jihad” getting paid or aid through different extremist organizations.

Given the brutal violence against the Shias in Pakistan over the past three decades, Shias have started to wonder if there is a future for them in Pakistan. While hundreds of thousands of Shias had migrated to Pakistan in 1947 in the hope of building a new life for themselves and their future generations, many are now contemplating emigrating from Pakistan to save their lives and property.  Hundreds of Shias have been murdered in their Imam Bargah’s by the different sectarian militants in the past. They have been taken off buses, lined up and shot dead. Their places of worship, religious processions, and civilian and religious leadership has come under relentless attacks while the state’s machinery has either refused or failed to protect shias and other religious minorities in Pakistan.

But the question also exists that who in Pakistan is safe. There are attacks on mosques and shrines too, even on people attending the funeral prayers. Blasts kill many people who do not get sectarian or religious tags.  They are just numbered. Some are not even numbered or mentioned. They are declared as collateral damage. We might never know exact figures of civilian casualties of war on terror. Drone attacks are a routine. Bomb blasts all over the country and especially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are a norm. Balochistan’s situation is worsening. ‘Missing persons’ is another shameful reality.  Every person puts his life at risk when he leaves for work every morning. School going children are not safe either. Who is destroying our land? Do we have enemies within us? My Sunni friends and I sit together and discuss. We have never hated each other. We have enjoyed the most beautiful school and college days together and helped each other in difficult times. We have dined out, hiked in mountains and spent the most exciting time of our lives together. Our bond has only grown stronger.  But we look around the country and see terrorism, calamaties, blasts, killings either by our very own terror groups or in line of ‘war on terror’. There is only one common finding, ‘we are the ones who are suffering as a nation.’ We are going weak emotionally due to these divisions being implanted, and the tags given to the dead. The people killing us know how to divide us. It’s we as a nation who have to keep our eyes open and send a message of unity and love. For the sake of Muslim unity all sects should be acceptable and equal and we should learn to tolerate each other. I strongly believe that different sects are just different flavours of the same principle. If Christians can protect Muslims while they offer Namaz at Tahrir square, why can’t Sunnis protect Shias and Shias protect Sunnis?

When Pakistan needs some ‘life saving’ measures to restore peace and prosperity, let’s think about the country, rising above sectarian divisions. We are all different children of the same mother, our homeland. Whoever is killed is a human first without any tag and every human is precious and every killing is condemnable and shameful.

Now it’s time to either build or destroy the future of Pakistan. The time has come to unite as a force  and tell the rest of the world that Islam is the religion of love, faith, tolerance and freedom  and not hate, distrust and division.

Excerpt from the last sermon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH):

‘O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Treat others justly so that no one would be unjust to you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds.’

My message to the whole Pakistani nation:

Love one another and you will be happy; it is as simple as that”



Haider Ali Turab

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Haider Ali Turab is an MBA, a marketing professional. He likes to explore different countries and their cultures, reading and writing is an addition to it.

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  1. True, muslims are united but their leaders teach them to hate others, additionally it is a conspiracy of the enemy to divide and rule.We should hold fast rope of Allah

  2. This is really the need of the hour to overcome the evil and a communal reflection to turn the hatred with love. Noteworthy piece of work. *Thumbs up*

  3. well i believe in case of Pakistan sectarian voilence is not a big threat to future of Pakistan…difference of language and ethnicity is the core problem of national disintegration…in past dhaka fell due to this and now baluchistan is at stake…karachi we all know…PPP government lighten up a fire by rhetoricaly changing the name of n.w.f.p on the basis of ethnicity in order to strengthng their government without knowing its future consequences…saraiki hazara and bahawalpur are asking their identity..linguistic and ethnic voilence left sectism far before it which is turmoil for future of this country.

  4. Very true.. and very nicley said, and I’m sure if we all agree to spreading the word, m sure we can all make pakistan a more safer place, and gain a better name or pakistan, instead of ” aterrorist county “..

  5. Really very true and this should be thought of every single person who is living in PAKISTAN if we believe in one ALLAH ,one Quran,offer 5 Prayers believe in one Rasaalat so why we can’t protect each other why shia’s are blaming sunni’s ad sunni’s blaming shia’s why we are not targeting and blaming third party the right person its time to wake up Muslims and Pakistani’s wake up and find out the power behind this no matter what u are no matter what i am lets stand up

  6. MashALLAH… very true!

  7. yes these r all realities which we all r facing badly for many years or times……we just want 2 protect only ourself and family…..but now its the requirement of time and current situation in our country that we should bring the change as a nation and kicked out such dishonest leaders from our country…..

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