Sectarian killings – who benefits?

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I knew big Satan was chained during this holy month but I forgot that there are many amongst us, wolves disguised as sheep. Everyday Pakistan has depressing news to face. While most of us are preparing for Eid, some of the homes are preparing for funerals of their loved ones, crying and screaming. While most are repenting in this holy month, some have willingly opted hellfire for themselves.

Sectarian killings are on the rise. Anyone can see they are programmed and planned. Gilgit incident and then Karachi blast on a rally, and a lot more in the recent past.  Why? Is someone taking responsibility? Is a religious scholar encouraging it? Does a common Sunni have a problem with a Shia classmate, neighbour or a colleague?


-Then, who are these militants? Where have they come from? Who are they working for? What agenda they are after?

-Who benefits from a weak Pakistan? Who benefits out of a broken, disunited nation?

-Who is inciting hatred between us and what do they get out of it?

-Who is labelling us as Shia, Sunni, and Minority?

Killing of an innocent human being is actually the killing of humanity.  I would say it is worse than being an animal. No animals kill their kind.

It’s impossible to rule out conspiracy theories completely as they have always existed and become all the more stronger underlying factor when you have made many enemies by becoming an ally of a power that is only a friend of her own and  is revered nowhere in the world.

Of course, the killers are from us. And when one says they can’t be Muslims, it doesn’t mean they are Non- Muslims or outsiders, but it’s a statement to make it loud and clear that Islam has nothing to do with it. It clearly sends the message to the barbaric hyenas that whatever your names, faiths or outfits are; killings and chaos are not taking you to paradise.

In an unsafe Pakistan, with attacks on shrines & funeral prayers, drone attacks, bomb blasts, labelled casualties and just-a-number collateral damage,  a helpless nation, with no government to look up to for help, can only pray in despair :

May the wrath of God fall upon the killers of the innocent and the conspirators against our nation.

Dr. Aisha Aijaz

About the author

Dr. Aisha Aijaz is a medical doctor, MA History from QMUL UK - a traveller, photographer and a dreamer who longs for a kind and tolerant world. She loves Urdu poetry and chai.

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  1. Let us unite and be brothers so that our enemies cannot divide and rule us.

  2. When I was a kid growing up, my mother used to always lecture me, whenever I scuffled with my younger sisters – “Beta agar apas mayn larogay, tau baahir ka teesra faida uthaye ga” (Translation – If you are going to fight amongst yourselves, outsiders will take advantage of you & divide you).

    These golden words should hold true of every Allah fearing Muslim. Stop fighting amongst ourselves, and set our own house in order.

    I can not rule out the involvement of foreigners in this tragedy, & I can also not rule out the fact, that it was Muslim against Muslim.


  3. It is unfortunate dat muslim umma all around the world fails to understand the fact that they are living with enemy, the so called UN control by US and their allies are no 1 enemy of islam, they will do everything possible to dis unite us. I hereby appealing to our leaders all around the world to know this fact, may Allah give us the courage the strenght to so the we will be victorious.

  4. Its a Very Sad Incident Indeed,Killing an innocent Person Is Indeed killing the Entire humanity
    The Ultimate solution To this crises is Make a law punishing blasphemy of Sahaba e Rasool s.a.w as well.
    Its an ultimate Guarantee Of Shia Sunni Unity

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