Khadijah – The Beloved of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
    By - February 12th, 2014

    He was young, handsome, of noble lineage and of impeccable character. He was known as “The Truthful” and “The Trustworthy”. Yes, he was born an orphan and his financial standing was not the best when Khadija (ra) met him. But he, nevertheless, was the best of the best. The epitome of the human race, when […]


featuredimage Am I Not Your Lord?

“Apart from what theologians have taught you what do you know of God yourself?” asked a new found friend. I ...

featuredimage The ‘Begum’ and ‘Saheb’ Culture

Come, visualize with me.. Sakeena, a 10 year old who has never been to school, never enjoyed playing with dolls let alone the ...

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A while back, I was watching a morning-show when one of the guests on the show compared two very famous ...

A Quiet Grandeur: An Appraisal of TheTableeghi Jamat

My attempts at landing upon an official Tableeghi Jamat statement on the attacks on a Tableeghi centre in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) and on Tableeghi Jamat members in Karachi fell in vain. I ceased to wonder when I chanced to meet a lady who was an acquaintance of one of the victims of the mosque target-killing in […]

The Regime of Reason

Your intelligence is different from mine. And mine is different from yours. Times changed. “My intelligence is superior to yours”, said Reason. Who and what is ‘Reason’? Reason was born and raised like any other intelligence. It too lived on the imaginative outskirts of human minds. It too insisted that it had a point. ‘A […]

Down to Earth – With a Bump

It doesn’t happen quickly, it takes time. For a long time you can’t imagine it happening at all. Then one morning, you wake up and it’s living within you. A spiky, pebble in the midst of joyous certainty; disappointment. Disappointment in the Ummah, you are now a part of. For ‘born Muslims’ the acknowledgement that […]

In the Times of Futile Debates

We gloat over carrion; we gather to pick up the pieces. We discriminate between dead bodies under labels of ‘halak’ (merely killed) and ‘shaheed’ (martyred). As we do so, we don God’s hat, partaking of what is exclusively His right with a self-righteous audacity. Our opinions on the dead may not be worth a shred […]