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Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Abbas Ali is a commerce graduate currently student of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) from Jhelum.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
Abdul Malik Mujahid Abdul Malik Mujahid is an Imam in Chicago, President of Sound Vision, and serves as the chair for Council for a Parliament of World Religions.

Abdullah Faizee
Abdullah Faizee Abdullah Faizee is a student of International Law, with a research interest in Human Rights, at the International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan is a thinker and writer, studying at Hartford Seminary, USA.

Abida Rahmani
Abida Rahmani Abida Rahmani is a freelance writer in Urdu, English and Pashto languages. She also contributes to "Noor" a Periodical of ICNA sisters and to Toronto Star, New York times, Arizona Republic and many others. She is a certified interpreter/Translator For Pashto, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Arabic and Farsi. She was awarded by the Ministry of Immigration and citizenship Canada for her volunteer work with the newcomers.

Agnieszka Piasecka
Agnieszka Piasecka Aga is a student of International Relations at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. She had also been awarded with grants to perform research in Korea and has long term personal interest in East and South Asian contemporary socioeconomic and political affairs. She maintains a blog at www.coastalasiaunrevealed.blogspot.com.

Ahmed Bilal
Ahmed Bilal Ahmed Bilal is an account by profession & a Pakistani by heart. He belongs to Lahore, has studied & worked in America before coming back. He has keen interest in religion, politics, finance & new trends affecting human civilization.

Ahmed Javed
Ahmed Javed Ahmed Javed is a Psychiatrist working in the US. He is a legal alien, has a valid visa and often wonders if one can reciprocate kindness with the insincerity of not challenging half-truths that hurts all and if one really needs a blue passport to really belong to teachers, friends and colleagues.

Ahsan Nisar
Ahsan Nisar Ahsan Nisar is a Karachi based freelance writer.

Aisha Ghazi
Aisha Ghazi Molecular Biologist by education, keen observer of politics and a poetess by default.

Aisha Noor
Aisha Noor Aisha Noor is a columnist and English language teacher from Lahore, Pakistan

Ajmal Masroor
Ajmal Masroor Ajmal Masroor is an author, broadcaster and relationship counsellor in United Kingdom. As an author he specialises in writing on marriage and relationship issues but also writes on political, social and community matters. He is regularly invited by the media as a commentator as well as a public speaker for conferences and seminars nationally and internationally.

Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan Akbar Khan is a doctor, and a patriot to the core

Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed is a Lahori in Islamabad, a student and an entrepreneur. He blogs about Pakistan

Ali Naqash
Ali Naqash Ali Naqash is a Final Year Structural Engineering student at the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Pakistan and a proud muslim. He wants to change himself and the society for the better, even if it be a small positive change.

Ambreen Ejaz
Ambreen Ejaz Ambreen Ejaz is a proud Muslim, ex-nationalist, now a firm believer in one Ummah. A psychologist in the making.

Amna Anam Author

Amnah Mohasin
Amnah Mohasin Amnah Mohasin is a student of Law.

Amreen Rehman Author

Arshia Ahmed
Arshia Ahmed Arshia Ahmed is a Pakistani writer and social activist based in East Lansing, Michigan. She writes on issues that concern basic human rights. She hates cooking and loves reading.

Asma Muhammad Khalil
Asma Muhammad Khalil Asma is a linguist and a thinker. She has a Masters degree in English Literature & Linguistics and she frequently writes on social, cultural and other issues.

Assed Baig
Assed Baig Assed Baig is a UK based journalist and has reported from Pakistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Libya and Palestine. He writes on current affairs and issues relating to radicalism and terrorism. He was recently in Burma reporting on the the persecution of the Rohingya.

Awais Vohra
Awais Vohra The author is a Telecommunication Engineer and a keen observer of the changing trends of the society. Loves nature, books and music.

Azfar Imtiaz
Azfar Imtiaz Azfar Imtiaz is a Computer Science student at FAST Islamabad.

Fahmida Abdul Sattar Fahmida Abdul Sattar is an expert in International Relations and a valued contributor to My Bit for Change forum