Burma is Burning

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Burma is burning and most of us are conveniently silent ….

Some believe that death toll is not high enough to condemn the killings because  few dozens have been murdered and few women have been raped; not a big deal because they were muslims. Some others say that we are far away from Burma, so leave them alone and try to solve our own problems first while some are confused to believe the atrocities did actually happen or not.

Media (international and local)  is silent because it has not received the dictation from its real masters to show ethnic cleansing of Muslims as a breaking news. Media didn’t even recognize the problem unless Amnesty International reported it. And all of those who want to keep mum are blaming social media for raising voice for the oppressed. Those who are against any check and balance on their own ‘freedom of expression’ want to have checks on social media, so that the issues like Burma are never highlighted anywhere. They are blaming the social media networks like facebook and twitter for propagating fake pictures, while forgetting their own fake stories and fake programs. The problem with electronic media is their capital influx, which they get from multinationals and governments and due to which they cannot go beyond a certain limit set by their sponsors.

Social media on the other hand has given voice to general public.  Common people can use  twitter, facebook and youtube to express their views and get their views across. Although in countries like Pakistan, internet access and social media usage is still limited, it is good enough to send a few shockwaves across the country. True that social media doesn’t have the access to reliable information some times and anything can get viral without authentication; the problem is not as severe as traditional media which feeds in sponsored news and deliberately corrupt the mindsets. Anything wrong if gets viral on social media, immediately a rebuttal is launched and most of the time people correct themselves.

But why do we need to speak against Muslim genocide in Mayanmar (Burma). The reason is simple, we need to speak up against all oppression, or we can be the next target. If I don’t speak against drones today, a drone can bomb my house tomorrow. Its not a matter of choice now, its an obligation.

Will merely highlighting the issue stop these atrocities? Of course not!  But raising our voice is the first and least we can do, so let’s do it. It may not be enough to stop the genocide, but surely its enough to gain the momentum, pile up the courage and cry halt. It will give us strength to do more and definitely will weaken the oppressor.

It is a legitimate question that we should not be silent over the problems prevailing in our own country. We have lawlessness, bombings and target-killings coupled with economic crisis in our country. Therefore when people say that lets sort out our own mess first, it sounds logical. But my take on this is that we need to have a collective approach. We cannot address issues one by one because a long list of issues will pop up when one is resolved. This is a continuous battle, between the oppressed and the oppressor. We have to choose on which side we are standing and then continuously play our role in a collective manner. Cherry picking selective items won’t serve the purpose.

Another question which is asked by our liberal elite in same context is ‘what’s this fuss called Muslim Ummah’ ? Well Muslim Ummah doesn’t mean a bunch of rulers or a few traitors. It’s about the masses of Muslims whose hearts beat together. If any Muslim anywhere in the world is suffering, all Muslims feel the pain and if someone claims to be Muslim but not feeling the pain he should recheck his belief.

So, if Bangladeshi government led by Haseena Wajid is not feeling the pain of displaced muslims of Burma, it doesn’t mean that Muslims of Bangladesh or the world are not concerned. If OIC is silent, it is because most of the people sitting in OIC are not true representatives of Muslim Ummah. The role of UNO is also shameful. It has multiple standards for different religions and regions.  Muslims being killed never get their attraction unless ‘oil’ is involved.

So in short, Buddhists, who are known to be peaceful so much so that they won’t crush an ant, are killing muslims, raping women burning villages. Thousands have been displaced so far and forced to live in concentration camps.  The military of Burma is fully involved in ethnic cleansing of Muslims. The numbers are not important, what’s important is that Muslims are being oppressed and we should raise our voice at least; therefore, raise it now as its already too late.

Muhammad Saad Khan

About the author

Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. I agree with the article.somewhere along the way we lost our identity as muslim ummah. I feel we are living as individuals and not a united front ummah.our life revolves around buying better “standard”for us and our family hataa we end up empty handed in our graves. Probably if we existed spiritually as an ummah with reliable leadership others would think several times before torturing muslims .

  2. Well Saad, as you know that to me, UNO is an acronym which means “Useless Nonsense Organization”. Moreover, the role of media in hiding such heinous crimes makes us really pause for a moment…… I am sure of this puppet media who’s aim is to spread distress and demoralization amongst nation.

    In your opinion, you are right that at least we should raise our voices because if we do not do it today, then may be tomorrow my own home can be on fire. We should condemn the act at our fullest and also recognize that what our so called saviors “media and peace keeping organizations” are really up to, so that next time I should be better aware if something new is cracked in.

  3. the main cause of our silence is neglignce! i didnt even know about this ruthless behaviour of the so called peace lovers until now! the main reason for the silence over this issue is the corrupt media and our corrupt leaders who are being paid in dollars for their silence.It is a huge conspiracy against the muslims and we really need to realize their motives!!

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  5. Brother Saad u said correct we all collectively rais our voice against such brutal mass genocide.

  6. wester countries leaders are crule for muslims because of our religion,this will continue unless muslim countries are united for dfened.

  7. Out of the topic remark: I am wondering if people dared to make fun or abuse Christian feelings if Christians had this sense of unity.

    On the topic: Solving your own issues do not exclude supporting rights of those who suffer. Fake choice, just like one wether we should wash our hands or feet. We do both, right?

    It will take a small moment and the world will speak about it.

  8. I hope that the news spreads really soon…

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