Indeed, Mankind is in Utter Loss

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AsrRisk is the greatest source of fear in our lives. Whenever we think about starting a business, we are mostly concerned about the risks of failure involved. A lot of strategies are formulated to mitigate the risks and threats to avoid loss and many a times business is not even started because of the risk of failure. While thinking about our careers and money etc, we calculate all the risks involved. But it’s unfortunate that we are complacent about our real profit and real loss; the sole purpose for which we are sent into this world.

Sura Asr (ch 103 Quran) is a short chapter in Holy Quran which tells us how to avoid the risk of failure in this life and hereafter. It chalks out a strategy for leading a successful life and avoiding what the Almighty calls ‘utter loss of mankind’.

By the time. Lo Mankind is in the state of loss. Except for  those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to hold on to truth and counsel each other to be steadfast. (Qur’an – 103)

Allah has sworn by time that it has testified that people are heading towards a total loss and chaos. This is the point of great concern, as our creator has certified that we are in loss. The word of Creator is very important because HE knows us (human beings) inside out to the depth of our cells and DNA. If HE has suggested something, it can’t be wrong.

Allah has given a four point strategy for everyone to follow for what . First and foremost is Faith which has the prime importance on the way of success. Without faith, a person cannot succeed in the eyes of Allah. Faith ties us in a bond and without such a  bond, we are free electrons which can be taken away by anything. Belief in Almighty is not something merely philosophical, it shapes the way of life. It defines the framework for our lives and the dos and don’ts we have to cater for in our personal life choices.

Virtuous deeds are tied up with faith. Mere faith is not enough for success. It shows that merely claiming to be a Muslim is not enough, unless and until a person coin his words into actions, therefore, righteous deeds are very significant. It’s a generic term which contains everything done for the betterment of humanity.

Sura Asar teaches us to develop a society which is based on propagation of virtues. Convincing each other about being righteous actually develops a peer pressure. A society where good deeds are easy and bad deeds are difficult. At the moment, we live in a society which is exactly the opposite of this.  So Islam impresses upon an integrated and clean social fabric and believers are told to counsel, advice, support and teach each other about the right path. It also shows that faithful are concerned about each other and help out to raise each other’s levels of Eiman (faith).  It generates a society based on co-operation instead of cut-throat competition.

Patience means persistence on virtous deeds.It means continuity of good deeds, patience to avoid bad deeds and steadfastness in the times of troubles that come as a package when following the righteous path. It means believers console each other in testing times. It also means patience and tolerance in general life. When dealing with other communities, Muslims need to show patience and tolerance which will help  them to propagate peace.

These four steps are mandatory and requisites for ultimate success.

Also, it determines the misconception that I will preach when I am perfect first. It asks muslims to tell each other about truth. Perfection is neither required nor expected, rather a continuous reminder is required.

These simple words defines the fabric of a Muslim society. In simple words this chapter tells us to give importance to ‘real’ success and failure in our life. No matter how much successful we consider ourselves in terms of money and social status, this chapter warns us that we are at loss if we are not on the pathway set for a believer.

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