Why Don’t They Leave Then?

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As if multitude of problems facing us; war, poverty, terrorism, unemployment, power cuts etc; was not enough, our buffoon leaders grasp every opportunity to embarrass the whole nation in front of the whole world. The nation which has produced best doctors, engineers, physicists and world record holders IT professionals, has to face further humiliation of becoming a laughing stock because of cowardly decisions and goofy viewpoints of the ruling elite. I wonder why we are condemned to be ruled by worst of the lot which leaves us humiliated time and again.

Mr. Prime Minister (my heart sinks while addressing you by this title), your latest interview to CNN was one of the many examples of the above. The body language, selection of words, and irrelevant and weightless answers would annoy anyone, let alone the interviewer. And when a Prime Minister of a country is spoken to, by an interviewer as to ‘Look me in the eye and answer me’, there is surely something seriously wrong in stance and policies of the state that he is representing. The lady should understand that this part of the world does not know what resigning on moral grounds mean. That is only why you had to rely on generalised patent answers. Every time this issue of resigning on moral grounds arises, it reminds me of David Blunkett  the British Home secretary, who resigned by taking full responsibility of defaming his government due to his action of only fast tracking a visa application. But here, Mr Prime Minister you are actually standing firm as a scapegoat of an already defamed corrupt government like a stubborn child protecting an evil ‘friend’.

Your answer Either choose democracy or dictatorship’, is a patent, prewritten formula for these interviews and talk shows. If one even thinks that this government is dysfunctional and corrupt, they are blasphemers, backed by the army, wanting big boots to intervene in the civilian territory. Oh no, Mr Prime Minister, not every question befits this answer. Not everything and anything is a ‘conspiracy’ against democracy. If the leading lot is corrupt, if the President has heavy accounts and properties outside the country the legitimacy of which needs to be looked into, it doesn’t mean we want dictatorship. Trust me, we hate it. That only simply means this is NOT democracy where people do not have the right to object and demand trials on corruption. You remind us of the will of people when you are told that according to a Gallup survey,  80% of the nation is frustrated and fed up with the dysfunctional parliament and civil institutions? Nothing can be more naïve than that. And you ask, why don’t the one third of the nation who wish to leave the country, leave then?

Let me answer you why. Remember the flood victim Mohammad Akram? A 30 year old man sick of his life who torched himself in front of your residence as he was frustrated to death because of unemployment? Remember, Kamran Ijaz Gul a child who topped his Class-VII examination and committed suicide because his poor parents could not buy him new school uniform.

Remember, only a few days ago in Multan, a one year old child died due to extreme heat in a bus stuck in a traffic jam caused by people protesting against loadshedding.

These people whose ‘will’ you talk about would leave the country if they had money and opportunity. But they haven’t seen a few thousands of rupees together, let alone millions of dollars that the leaders of this country have and deal with every day. Of course, your question, ‘who’s stopping them depicts your ignorance and apathy towards the nation you claim to lead. And of course, you wouldn’t know how painful it is to stand under the scorching sun at a bus stop with a hungry child in lap as you have millions of pounds to spend on your lavish and luxurious ‘Limousine’ tours. You wouldn’t know how a parent feels to see their child commit suicide. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to see your children prepare for an exam with no fan, no bulb and still shine. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to receive a bad news about a loved one, dying in a clash created for political/personal interests. And you wouldn’t know how it feels to see your loved one having a cardiac arrest in an ambulance when the traffic comes to a halt because of PM’s or President’s motorcade of Mercedes passing by. But trust me, Mr. Prime Minister you and your company are answerable for the herd of donkeys that you are leading. (16 crore, yeh gadhay jink a naam hai Awaam).

The country has already suffered from the worst brain drain and your indifference is making it worse. The lady asked you, ‘Who is running the country in your absence?’ We really want to know, who runs the country even in your presence? The nation is struggling to survive on its own with nobody to look up to for help and hope in your team. My question to you Mr. Prime Minister and company: you have money, properties, palaces,  and friends outside Pakistan and you have the opportunity more than anyone else in the country. If we are going to Stone Age even after your ‘country friendly’ policies and getting nothing from you, why don’t you and your team leave the country alone? And your question, ‘who’s stopping them (to leave)’ further disconnects the tie, so let’s do it. No one would stop you, I promise!


Dr. Aisha Aijaz

About the author

Dr. Aisha Aijaz is a medical doctor, MA History from QMUL UK - a traveller, photographer and a dreamer who longs for a kind and tolerant world. She loves Urdu poetry and chai.

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  1. Two thumbs up!

  2. Very well written. Though I don’t think that asking him to leave would do anything. He is a leech and along with his friends will suck this country dry. But I guess we are all partly to blame for the situation our country is in. I don’t want to sound religious here (and it is a shame that I don’t), but God did say in the Quran that when He decides to destroy a nation, the worst of the people are made their rulers, their rich become negligent of their poor and the poor start to fight each other. Finally a foreign power will destroy the nation in a way that no one will even remember what it looked like unless that nation mends it ways. God says that this is His way (sunnah) and “you will see no change in it”. Important to note where we are standing right now. How long do we have?

  3. Thanks Aman for your comment. There’s absolutely no harm or shame in sounding religious


  4. Superb analysis of an absolute coward regime

  5. First of all the article was really good but seems a little biased to me… As the author totally blames the politicians, which is not so true… I think the fault exists on both sides… We give this government a chance to rule and grow… and the people so called donkeys were made busy in numerous problems so that they could not have chance to do anything against this government.. We have burdened a lot from problems which make us tired and if someone from these tired donkeys tries doing something against the government, they are then diverted… So the people stop attempting any action and preferred to become donkeys.

    Another picture is we are still putting our efforts… but in wrong direction, which means no result, outcome or benefit. Its rule of nature that “man would get what he wants”… if I elaborate my statement to decrease the ambiguity, I would have to add effort, right direction, will power and time… which we the Pakistani’s mostly don’t have.. Because we have other important things to do… so all we can do this simply put a post on social forum and making comments on it… it means no solution… What I think is that all these issues should be discussed as problems rather than complains… and we should be here to give suggestions to get rid of the problem rather than to abuse or comment… because by abusing we are just wasting our energy and time… so as per my thinking we all should use our minds in the right way and give suggestions for the problem arise..

    In the end I would like to clear that this is not an offensive statement… this is just what I think, as I am a human and mistakes could be done from me as well therefore suggestions would be appreciated.


    -Belal A. Khan-

  6. brilliant effort n analysis..i wish only if PM himself could read this..

  7. Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting,
    and farewells him with hooting,
    only to welcome another with trumpeting again…Khalil Gibran ….

    Befits us aptly:( We as a nation are forever guilty of always having made the wrong choice in selecting,who should lead us.

  8. Really nice ………

    I just wana ask if he will go with all companions,our problems will solve ,Only they are bad.They are and they should leave but nobody should come again like our previous politicians.We are wrong too we should let them go and stop all those who are like them.

  9. Great article! And on a related note, what I don’t understand is how can people spend so much time analysing the nitty grittys of Imran khans party and criticising moot points when all u need is to compare these jackasses of politicians to his personality, strong will and track record. Surely, if we don’t mend our ways and put our weight behind the right person for once, there may never be a similar opportunity again!
    As one of the commentators above said, the rich in our country are absolutely negligent of the poor (exceptions being far and few in between, although some exceptions being exceptional), and in turn deserve the humiliation and embarasment that they face when abroad, getting grouped/stereotyped together into a failed lowly nation whose poor (and for an average foreigner the perception is that everyones poor and in shambles) take the lowest class in the social hierarchy and are willing to work on any odd job. Middle east, most of Europe being good examples. Depressing to see how things are.

  10. Very well said but who cares. They know its the last turn and they are. Looting it to the maximum and don’t bother about the Nation and what image we are portraying having such coward PM/president. We are in dire need of change, and it can happen only when as. A nation we will change our attitudes and when everyone will follow the right path except. Shortcuts and save us from such democracy and such democratic leaders

  11. The ‘bad guys’ have the courage and will to face anything including defamation, ‘rule’ the nation, go through thick and thin for their worldly wrong purposes. When such courage, focus and consistency will develop in the so-called ‘good’ people, and when this rotten lot will be afraid of the ‘good guys’, only then there will be some progress. Blaming the ‘wrong guys’ without stopping them at full strength and putting everything at risk, nothings going to change!

  12. Everything is right wt ever u said in ur blog, bt who to blam. its the people still think that they deserve to b elected again n agaian. Tell u nothin culd b impose on any human without tht Will of ALLAH n its our deed tat leads us to this position. We must educate our nation the simple ethics of Right n wrong first then expect tat they could chose tat really represent the man in the street.

  13. pity the nation having such leaders!

  14. hi.
    I Want to answer bilal.
    you have done good work to explain that we should work on it not only complaining. so my suggestion to PM Gillani is to answer what other person ask from you and not give those answers which you learn daily for one hour, so that you dont forget. this is harsh but he should understand English. I studied in the same school where PM study. We friends use to laugh on him that he is the only person who was the student of best English medium school of Multan ( Lasalle Higher Seconday School till 2005) and no idea about english

  15. One word for this …. AWESOME!!

  16. He is Just a Jack Ass…His pea-brain does not have the capacity to think or work like a sane individual. I do not even want to take his name as my heart is full of so much hatred and contempt against these herd of hyenas! I only wish for the day to come when his and his comrades’ children would suffer the way the children of the nation are suffering. I wish for the day when they would beg for death but would be denied, they would be left to suffer for what infliction he and his likes have caused to the people of beloved homeland. I wish for the day when this Pain Machine would snatch and pull his hair and clothes with hysteria due to the frustration which he and his beloved regime has caused.
    I wish to Lord that this descendant of Mir Jaffer should be beheaded by his own worldly gods! so that his loyalty to his party would show him his right place.
    How dare he says that the people of the country should leave? He does not own the country to make people leave, he is supposed to be a Civil Servant….the servant of the people….A NAUKAR but this prime post seem to have taken to his head full of hay! He and rest of his likes should be kicked out without even a piece of clothe on their bodies because the clothes are used to show modesty, which these people lack! so whats the point of leaving them in fabrics.

    How my heart is sore, all of us know, because we all are suffering from the same pain. It indeed is a shame that such spineless and characterless morons are heading our state. It is indeed a high time now that we speak up and show this morons that they can not go on humiliating us any more. If this is called Civil Disobedience then so shall it be!
    Boooooooooooo Mr loyal lapdog!

  17. He’s there on the top because of me, yes, I share part of the blame too…and I have a mirror placed for my face… Need I quote the Quran here?
    Anyways, even if “he and his team” leaves, they’ll be replaced by more goons like him. This is feudal democracy: a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

  18. A great article indeed…We are the one’s who claim that we are the followers of the great Abu bakr Sadiq Umar,Usman e Ghani,Ali,……….But our actions as a whole show the falseness of our claim………………………………….We need people like Hasan Al Banna,Imam Moududi,Syed Qutb to be our leaders……………We need to stand up for a change……..but not a change of the western corrupt system.But the change which will bring about an Islamic revolution in our country…………..

  19. That certainly pulled on my heart strings. I like all Pakistanis hate these people and wish death upon them. Why cant they spare us.

  20. Excellent expression of nation’s sentiments. “Why don’t he leave then? ” is the question in fact we should ask the PM. “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but YOU cannot fool all the people all the time.” is a statement by a Abraham Lincoln that probably well suited to our current political leadership, pardon MAFIA.

  21. Very well written analysis.Since watched the interview was feeling very depress and down but after reading it feel better that u did your bit of change and we should do ours,….and hope will bring some change one day…..Fingers are crossedX

  22. Aisha, this is so well written blog post and really represents the embarrassment and frustration of this nation in words. We are really sick of these “democratically elected President and PM”. there was hope that only half an year is left and after new elections we will see a new Pakistan. That dream is now also fading as corrupt politicians like him are still so much strong and powerful and know how to tweak the elections in their favor.

    God Please Save Pakistan.

  23. Pity my nation
    we have got some real tough tasks. I pray that all these stuff make us wise to see and elect the new guys with care. but nothing will happen. we will elect the same scumbags over and over again in the name of race, baraderi, religion, wadeeras. I dont understand why are we in stand still mode till now. if this country has to remain, the people should change. but when i watch media most of the time i see such people which i feel disgusting. the media people who are deliberately projecting others for their own interests. the whole nation has got so much selfish and self loving with false egos and hypocrisy is our state religion now, money is our god (nauzubillah). why isnt this destroyed then, the nations before were destroyed for the same sins, whats the point if this shame drama keeps going on and on. there should be an end.

  24. Great piece Doc. Truth be told, you kind of snatched my words…

  25. Good work. A realistic answer.

  26. I bet if he reads this, he will still give that shameless smile which he gave at the end. I felt on which wall should i bang my head when i saw this interview. He is stuffing us with democracy since last 4 years :s @$$#0!3 PM

  27. Well Done Sister.
    007 James Bond’s movie name is suitable for this article.
    Movie Name: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 😉

  28. great reply, great response, great reaction… this govt.is full of corrupt people and the leader sets the example for them..ALLAH PAK have mercy on us and save us from these evil politicians and so called leaders.

  29. People ask PM to resign from PM-ship, why don’t they ask PPP-voters to resign from their voter-ship?

  30. this should be condemned in every platform and you did ms Aisha where you can and you did the best.

  31. Thank you for saying all that we want to say…..But really don’t know if it will be sufficient, though you are doing your bit nicely…V r thankful..

  32. Absolutely brilliant
    this article spoke the hearts of millions
    Thumbs up

  33. I would celebrate their departure!
    Nicely written Article .

  34. Well said! Ah you spoke the words that are found within the silent majority! Thank you!

  35. All Good..very nicely written article, passionate enough responses, but what next???? What’s the difference??? What happened in practical???

    I’ll go back to being busy in my life running after career, money and comforts of life, and so will you guys… so why do we even bother???? Ohhhh I see, we just love the sensation and kicks we get out of spicing up such topics….we care but not as much to go beyond just using our fingers on the keyboards while sitting comfortably on our seats………

    Hum bhataktey hein, kiun bhatakte hein. dasht o sehra mein
    Aesa lagta hey mauj pyaasi hey, apney darya mein

  36. The writer can condemn the present ruling team for valid reasons but can any intellectual or expert on political analysis quote a single name including military rulers in our post interdependence history whom we can reckon as the most honest and competent political leader?
    Its been 65 years now and we have not produced a one generation who should lead us with honesty, Politicians were corrupt in 50’s, so came the martial law, then they were declared in corrupt & dishonest in 60’s, even Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah lost the election in the hand of Gen. Ayub Khan, they were corrupt in 70’s and Martial Law imposed to save the nation from them. In short, we always find our politicians dishonest and incompetent and welcome army leaders, endorsed by honorable courts but country keeps falling into dark age. So it means our nation is not fertile enough to nurture good leadership in 65 years. Should we now import leaders from outside, No analyst gives solution, just ridicule or condemn because perhaps this is the easiest to do so. As far as writer’s mentioning the fact that the nation has produced world renown doctors, engineers etc, what they contributed to the nation, either they settled out side for Dollars, did any of them turned to be politician to lead the country and all those serving their own specialties with in the country are not sincere with their nation and piling up black money through corruption. Now is the time for intellectuals like writers to give solutions to this nation instead of giving pessimistic, emotion-stirring analysis.

  37. This time the nation is not going to let them and their coteries of looters & plunderers flee away from the country scot-free. Enough is enough. The nation has to rise to snatch away each and every looted penny. Someone has to take the lead. It is now or never. All these peppers must be shown their true picture.

  38. This was a stunning response from Gillani, which he would regret in the future. But no one commented on CNN journalist’s insulting stance, bordering on imperialist attitude towards a “wretched” leader from third world, when she asked Gillani to “look in her eyes” and tell her the truth about extremists. Did these same journalists had the guts to ask similar questions from their own leaders, and in the same tone, especially when their leaders blatantly lied about things like Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and pushed the world in repeated wars because of deceitful propaganda? There are much bigger imperialist crimes West has committed, and it is almost always aided by their own mainstream media. Journalists are trained to self-censor on issues of ‘national security’, out-spoken and critical voices like Helen Thomas are fired after 57-years of service, Pentagon generals become the sole experts on CNN and even the “neutral” PBS and NPR during the time of war, and journalists are “embedded” in wars to help spread their establishment’s propaganda.

    This is not a defense for Gillani (he should face the music in general elections) but we should also be cautious of the condescending, almost racist, Western media and it’s burden to civilize darker races.

  39. @Anwar Ahmed exactly sir. Best to just listen and observe.

  40. Great !

  41. An articulated thought!

  42. […] I read this amazing blog written in response to the interview. Click here to read […]

  43. Dears,
    LOL …one thing we all should accept that we are more coward then gilani he challanged 180million people, “then why dont they leave, who is stopping them?” till now no one take any worthfull action, even no reaction…+ our sick media didn’t even on air and not even one talk show about this disrespect of 180million…

    Listen we all should write our own fate…tell your olders(Costums vote caster) don’t sell the fate of your unborns, your young ones, your youth, on cheap prices of few ruppees, and dont cast your vote to the Devils, but cast the Devil out of PAK SAR ZAMEEN’ …. i think i will get mad…soon.. since i watch this interview i am very angry with my life….

    lets admit we are all cowards, …..start bulding yourself confidence stand against, every discrimination and Cast your vote to Cast the Devil out…Pray from ALMIGHTY, and say ASTAGFIRULLA….. MAY we will be sucessfull to save PAK SAR ZAMEEN…..

  44. Pakistanis are so emotional..hahaha. If this prime minister resigns would it bring back good old days before 9/11. We all must know one thing that in the eye of the world Pakistanis are terrorists. Unfortunately this is the hard truth. We all know that jihad has been taught to us since our childhood. We never read Torah or Bible to understand them before calling them our enemies or evil. But we hate them both so much that we feel proud of killing them. We are a non sense nation. A nation without any direction (as a community and afterwards this reflection appears in our politics too). We just refused Musharaf’s liberal Islam, we hate Taliban too, we hate western life style too, we hate indian life style too (as following this will raise questions on the creation of Pakistan) and above all we hate ourselves too. :):). We need to ask this question from ourselves, where we want to head and what kind of nation we want to be. If we still don’t have the answer, then i am sorry to say, changing faces in politics won’t bring back Pakistan’s pride. As soon as these idoits resigns from their offices new idiots will come into power. I thing we just can’t handle same faces for more than 2 years now :).
    Simple management theory; without mission and objective, all efforts get wasted. Set the mission and objectives first and then decide who is right and who is wrong. Right now there is no common acceptable standard from which we can mark the difference of progress of Pakistan. Please keep muslim heroes out of it. Those were old days when muslims were rulling the world and there were no equally strong opponent.
    One more thing my brothers and sisters, what if a good leader comes and demand sacrifice of wealth from all of us. Are we willing to do it? Because whatever problems we have, they are fixable but needs a lot of money. And money comes from two places firstly Public Taxes (which our rich people never gives, btw taxes are only on income not on the total wealth :)) and secondly America (for this we have to obey him till we die). How many of us will sacrefice our another house, car, or simple gadgets and give the whole amount to charity or for Pakistan. BTW I know the answer …. :(.

  45. Superbly written… I remember a boxer being asked about the risk factors involved in boxing and his reply was ‘sure there have been injuries and deaths but nothing serious’!!! As long as PM and company are prospering, nothing else is serious

  46. I loved your way of writing really appreciating your words and don’t have words for him i mean our Prime minister.


  47. indeed a brilliant effort to write on such issues where these ruthless leaders governing our state with a luxurious life style while a poor is not being able to earn for single time for his family…Rich is getting richer and Poor is getting more poorer day by day…wish for that day when a right person comes in-front and lead dis country in a better way.

  48. Excellent article.
    To your questions, “I wonder why we are condemned to be ruled by worst of the lot which leaves us humiliated time and again”, the straight answer is, “that’s one of the blessings of any forced d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y”. The fact that the present democracy thrives on the idea of being ‘inevitable’ and ‘holy’ and ‘wonderful’, gives it an excessively free-hand to commit excesses. Now, “why don’t the elites and (the few and only) beneficiaries of democracy leave the country [alone]?” Because, the superstructure of capitalist-democracy needs ‘masters’ (Bhuttos & Zardaris) as much as it needs ‘slaves’ (Awam) to continue.
    I wish, someday this nation wakes up from the fake dream of d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y to a new, and sustainable life-after-democracy.


    but i dont want to leave at the same time

    i cant think of anywhere else, but if situation keeps going like this
    i ll be “forced” to move im thinking about filing applications to different embassies and to the UN to grant people like us whose livelihood depends on the internet and electricity to grant us REFUGEE STATUS

  50. Hats of Aisha …. wonderful writing… especially the words with which you left your readers…! thumbs up..:-)

  51. Pakistan has minority of people who rule the country , because there is another minority that is very vocal to support them, and the majority is too silent and impotent to change anything, that majority is us.
    Social media is only accessible to you and I, not to those who vote these leaders.

  52. Very well written an excellent article. Rest assure that we are going to re-elect the same buffoons through our so called democratic process. Nothing is going to change. We have become immune, no medicine will work.

    Fitrat afrad say aghmaz bi kar laiti hay
    Nahein karti kabhi Millat kay gunahoon ko muaaf.

    Keep up good work, may be one day inshallah you never know.

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