Pseudo-liberal Trends of Pakistan

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It is extremely sad to admit that the profession of journalism in Pakistan has suffered nightmares and moral atrocities for decades now.

• Biased reporting, twisting the history for vested interests and igniting hatred is on the timelines and news of the hour.

• The volume of biased reporting upon the educated masses has increasingly damaged the ideological frontiers of Pakistan.

• Regular criticism (for the sake of it) on decisions which hold strategic value of national interest is prevailing. Criticism is accorded to diminish the unity amongst races and ethnicities.

• The writ of monitory authorities is lost in the name of freedom of expression.

• Sarcasm and mockery regarding Islamic values is performed with pride which further wages intolerance and sensitivity amongst the masses.

• Conspiratorial attitude has poisoned the nurseries of upcoming talent to the profession.

• The conduct of pseudo-liberals is aiding to the level of extremism in our societal thoughts. The element of neutrality is no more seen as the value of profession but a taboo instead.

It is now a challenge to raise our voice against the ultra elite who pose to be the deciding majority however in reality they enjoy terms with those who are known to the masses as enemies.

Change is always gradual and the recent spring in the Middle East has endorsed to the effect that the final battles of the struggle happen on the streets. The aspiration for an Islamic Welfare State shall be realized as it is driven by real men with no benefactions and defects.

A liberal elsewhere in the world is defined (according to Oxford Dictionary) as:

someone willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas, favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms”

But in Pakistan, a liberal (a ‘pseudo’ I’d say) is defined as ‘extremely’ intolerant, proudly abusive, Islam-bashing, Muslim-ridiculing person and who prostrates in front of the West. If you are a religious person or talk about upholding decisions in the interest of state, no matter how sensible and open to discussion your are, oh no! how dare you called yourself a liberal?

Mohammed Ibrahim Qazi

About the author

Mohammed Ibrahim Qazi, is a trainee scholar of Inventive Business Studies whilst specializes in keeping relations with the Government and International Organizations. He is serving as Director Foreign Relations at University of Management and Technology, Lahore

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  1. Is not that astounding to see that only 0.9 percent of all full time students’ are enrolled in madrasahs in contrast with 73 percent of students in government school (public) and 26 percent in private schools’, however, the whole media is propogating against them. The reason is very simple. They plan to suffocate every voice in favour of Islam.” They dont know that it is impossible insha Allah.

  2. Hats off to you buddy…cha gaye ho tussi :))

  3. What is the reason behind posting this disrespectful and blasphemous graphic. This is very insulting towards religion.

  4. The reason behind is exposition of the Islam-bashing material produced by pseudo-liberals. This one was least bothering. Research and you shall find some pathetic pieces on timelines.

  5. Great blog …………… keep it up

  6. nice article, our media is very dangerous for pakistan, they are on payroll.

  7. I must say that writer is really unaware of basic definitions. Every religion basher or non religious person is not a liberal or left wing rep.
    These anti-religion and pro religion both are die hard right wingers. Amazingly both religious and anti-religion use quotes and literature of far left. This doesn’t make them any progressive or positive.

    This is naive to classify people like this without consulting the basic theories.
    and again stop stereotyping . these morons of rightwing, both from religion and anti religion lobby, don’t represent any social class at all though majority comes from confused middle class.

  8. Let me reserve my comments on being unaware of basic definitions. It is though proved that the concept of right and left is no more than a myth. It is a matter of right or wrong. I have tried in a lehman spirit to expose what has been going on in the name of freedom of expression. Extremism has no doubt has led all pockets of the populous in a confusion assault. The only way left is to choose a reasonable code of life to follow and that is Islam that is emerging as a source of hope for the humanity.

  9. Nice effort Ibrahim, there is nothing left to say.. Although they aren’t gonna change 🙂

  10. Well done and nicely written.

    Its a well known fact now that our media is dominated by these “Liberal fascists” who will try their level best to degrade and mock islam, but they dont know that they will fail eventually on intellectual front as well.

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