Forced Assertion or Transparent Conversion?

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No scholar, no sect, no Islamic organization has ever advocated ‘forced conversions’ nor does any page in Islamic history allows such tactic that could have easily wiped out every non-Muslim in Subcontinent, Most of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Jerusalem during the time when reins of power were in Muslim hands; Since nothing of that sort happened is a clear evidence that this practice has never existed in Islam in fact Qur’an clearly states,

“La Ikaraha fi’deen” – There is no Compulsion in Deen.

In fact history does tell us about the benevolent conduct of Muslims with other faiths contrary to wrong assertions of forcing people into Islam.

It was shocking for me to learn that a ‘Hindu Girl’ had been forcefully converted to Islam after being kidnapped by Influential people in Mirpur Mathelo District of Sindh. There was a vortex of information on national and international media, flowing around unverified. Some were addressing their concerns over, “rising sense of insecurity” and some demanded “Suo Moto Action” from Supreme Court, resolution was moved in Sindh Assembly against forced conversions, tirade of this significant incident and more of such alleged ‘conversions’ ensued and gripped social networks, international media, human right activists and government quarters as well.  PPP’s MPA Pitanber Sawami, went to the extent of saying that Hindus in Pakistan should not be forced to wage a war against the state in a similar way to what Baluch Nationalists are doing.

There were protests registered by the Hindu-community against these alleged post-marriage ‘forced-conversions’ and even Human Rights Commission (HRCP) jumped in condemning the incident seeking a judicial probe. Our ‘Free-thinking’ and ‘Liberal Society’ including some journalists’ were busy ‘tweeting their fingers out’ on this gruesome incident further demonizing Pakistani society as if ‘Gujrat’ kind of riots had broken out (reviewing their timelines will reveal that they might have never condemned genocidal atrocities against Muslims anywhere in the world) forsaking the basic ethics of journalism and information sharing only to prove their bias towards unverified news that easily taints a horrendous picture of Islam in Pakistan. Good for their liking.

Believing in to the news that has been reported since the incident, the micro-blogging networks and weeping around left no doubt that this case is exactly as being presented and indeed minorities are being forced on gun-point for conversions throughout Pakistan’s nook and corner.

But again, few questions that were constantly striking my mind, or would have popped up in any impartial and sane human being’s mind that came across this ‘disturbing’ news were; Where is the girl? And what’s her say?

There was a ray of hope, maybe this hatred is unjustified, and maybe this incident is similar to usual disgust that we see against Islam in our own “Islamic Republic”. And Yes, Finally the news broke out, Rinkal Kumari was proud of being ‘Faryal Shah’ now.

The alleged kidnapped girl appeared before the media on Thursday and clearly stated that she was NOT KIDNAPPED! And had NOT been forced to convert to Islam and marry Naveed Shah. She claimed to have taken both decisions of accepting Islam and marrying Naveed Shah in accordance of her FREE-WILL and that NOBODY has pressurized her into this. She read out the Kalima Tayyaba, in front of the media and reiterated that she is now a MUSLIM GIRL and had nothing to do with her parents.

The couple was produced before the Sindh High Court in front of Sukkur bench in strict security; scorted on their way to court by SSP Ghotki Pir Muhammad Shah. The PPP-MPA Mian Muhammad Haq and his son Mian Muhammad Aslam who were alleged for being complicit and involved in the kidnapping were also present at the court.

Advocate Murad luund representing Faryal’s Grandfather Manohar Lal kept asserting that the girl is under pressure and things will become “Crystal Clear” in Karachi in a tension free atmosphere. Whereas Mian Mohammad Aslam of Bharchoondi Sharif responded by saying that everyone (including the media) has seen that Faryal was not under any pressure, not even saying anything against Pirs.

On the allegation by Luund, Aslam said,

“Rather she gave a statement against her own maternal uncle who is threatening to kill her.he further said his father PPP-MNA Mian Abdul Haq had come to the court only because the parents of the girl requested they wanted to meet their daughter, unfortunately they did not come.

Aslam told the court that Faryal had spoken to her family on his instructions on 24th February the day she came to Dargah Bharchoondi Sharif telling them about her pressure-free conversion and decision to marry Naveed Shah.

“I personally requested them to come over and meet their daughter to see for themselves that she was not under pressure, but they didn’t’ come,” Said Mian Aslam.

He also said that neither Islam nor the law of the land allowed forced conversions how could it be possible for us to force someone on accepting Islam?

Well! What moral ground does the “Liberal Machine” hold now; after the enthralling revelation by the ‘kidnapped’ and ‘forcefully converted’ lady?

The fundamental reason I find the notion of ‘forced-conversions’ to Islam nearly impossible is simply because Islam in its core beliefs does not adhere to lip-service, yes, reciting the kalimah does gets a person in the folds of Islam but the acceptance of heart is necessary and the main fundamental which cannot be manoeuvred or forced.

On the contrary, there remains no doubt that intimidation, threats, tortures and social-boycotts massively prevail for innocent converts who choose to become Muslims after they get close to the religion’s teachings by any inspiration; Let it be love of a person, magnetic character of a follower or perhaps studying the comparison and insight by research. Unfortunately, No ‘Liberal’ or ‘Pseudo-Journalist’ bothers to fight their case by exposing the ‘hate-mongers’ and ‘vengeance-seekers’ present in minorities destined only to bring a bad name to peaceful minorities that do believe in co-existence and are largely accepted by all Pakistanis.

Hence, the case of once Rinkal Kumari has proved to be yet another case of ‘Forced-Assertion’ of a fair, true, transparent and rightful conversion of ‘Faryal Shah’ the proud bride of Mirpur Mathelo. May ALLAH protect her and many others threatened against their ‘free-will’ to decide the most important elements of one’s life – his/her faith and belief.

Tabish Qayyum

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Tabish Qayyum is an educational consultant, writer, and a journalist in the making. He maintains his own blog

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  1. @author

    “there remains no doubt that intimidation, threats, tortures and social-boycotts massively prevail for innocent converts who choose to become Muslims after they get close to the religion’s teachings by any inspiration;”
    So true! but unfortunately THIS SIDE of the story is never published

    Did the International news media publish a follow-up news, clarifying that this was not a case of forced conversion?
    No most of them didn’t. Just shows their bias.

  2. i wud suggest the writer to check the website and go through the actual issue that is landlord mafia forcing to convert and terrorising girls. this girls parents were not even allowed to enter the court room where she gave the statement that she wants to convert, after 2 weeks of this incidents she appeared and gave the incident that it was not force, well we all the minority are minority from population point of view we are not ill brain or stupid that we wud creat an issue out of nuthing. this trend of kidnapping girls and than threatning them to convert had become a custom and so we spoke. however still the girl has not met her parents and is kept with the landlord/MNA miyan mithoo. if she is free enough than why cant they just let the parents to talk to the girl. moreover the girl is a minor, while the media is not even focusing that issue and to top everything up when we went over to the press club and contacted majority of the channels no boday showed up, but when the issue has finally come out through vigrous efforts everyone is there to comment. well i guess we Pakistanis has forgot that we are humans first and should respect other humans regardless minority or majority.
    i wud again insist u to have a look at the photographs and the videos of the seen at the court on that day

  3. Better that SC took an action, rather than leaving the public susceptible to exacerbating media-propaganda.

    Further, I request the religious organizations to be the ‘voice of vulnerable and victimized’, so as to not leave the vacuum for those who only look to dole out a fortune from such deplorable and flagitious incidents.

  4. @Yogesh,

    With due respect, please accept the reality and see this video,!

    The link is not accessible. Thanks,

  5. Moral of the story is that the self proclaimed liberals leave no opportunity in their fault finding with islam, no matter how much bigoted it be.

  6. I remember there was a christian who become Muslim , all the christian community boycotted him and his family , His mother died and there was no one from their community for her funeral. so he came to my uncle n told him so my uncle took some friends with for her funeral…

  7. Express Tribune kept running the headline for this story as ‘Forced Conversions’ even after it became clear that this was not a case of forced conversions. Every week they hype stories by adding the word “Ahmedi”, “Christian”, “Chitrali”, “Shia”, or whatever other buzz word they come up with, even when it has nothing to do with the story. For example, a fight between two people in interior Sindh over land suddenly became about Ahmedis only because those people happened to be Ahmedi and that was opportunity enough. If you do a google search you will find a study on express tribune and how its supposed to function; in it they state very clearly that their objective is to promote liberal values in Pakistan and in not so many words it also said that it would use incidents to generate publicity in calculated ways. The constitution of Pakistan makes it illegal to denigrate the Islamic ideology of this country, and yet almost every week there are articles in our liberal media that do exactly that without any action being taken. They are not news reporters anymore, they are very partisan, they are activists for a certain cause, they have formed organizations to effect change, they identify themselves as “liberals” but we know what that means in Pakistan. I seriously think that Muslims of Pakistan have lost leadership and control of their own society. These liberal fascists now control the majority of institutions; they understand the value of institutions whereas the Muslims of Pakistan are apathetic and lack vision. We need to start reclaiming our ground, we have the constitution and the law on our side….Pakistan is an Islamic state, it was made in the name of Islam…..this has nothing to do with “Forced Conversions” or persecution of minorities…this is a calculated way of defaming Islam and imposing this fraudulent liberal ideology. If we dont prosecute such organizations to the fullest extent of the law, if we dont take back our ground, we will lose our Islamic state to a group of rabid kemalists…it will be our own fault. Don’t take this lying down….this is your country, its your children’s future, its your identity, its everything!

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