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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at the end of her visit to India stressed that Pakistan should ‘do more’ with US to fight terrorism, just  a day after she hinted that Aiman Al Zawahiri might be hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan Social Media had already went outrageous on these irresponsible statements from her and the fact that US was working closely with India’s help to pressurise Pakistan on her insignificant role on War on Terror.

Twitter trend with hashtag #ShutupClinton started trending as soon as the news broke on the media, showing rage and anti-American sentiment with Pakistani and other tweeps joining in reminding Mrs Clinton about the terrorised world evolving every day because of American policies. Hillary Clinton was shown the real face of US government  policies and lies in various tweets. It is still the most popular twitter trend in Pakistan.

“Combating violent extremism is something we all agree on. We look to the government of Pakistan to do more…. There are several significant leaders still on the run. (Ayman al) Zawahiri who inherited the leadership from (Osama) bin Laden is somewhere, we believe, in Pakistan. So we are intent upon going after those who are trying to keep Al Qaeda operational and inspirational,” Ms Clinton said in the interview. “The US is cooperating closely with India regarding the threats that emanate against them.” ” Clinton said during a press conference in India.”

Top Tweets:

anjum kiani ‏ @AnjumKiani

What did this Mother & 2 Daugters do to the USA, that you killed them in their sleep with Your drones? #ShutUpClinton Retweeted 201 times











Knowledge Is Power ‏ @Mari_NewYork

#American actions [military, rogue, covert & otherwise] are the #1 cause of global terrorism #ShutUpClinton

ranjith ramesh ‏ @TheRnjith

#ShutupClinton You have more problems to solve on your own soil!

Saad Khan ‏ @M_Saad_K

Why can’t Hillary see the state terrorism of USA in Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere in thee world, #ShutUpClinton

Naveed ‏ @naveedpti

#ShutUpClinton Your game is exposed, pack your bags and take your mummy daddy army back with you #ShutUpClinton

Umer Sarwar ‏ @Revoluti0nist

#ShutupClinton “Your negotiations with Taliban are justified while it is wrong when Pakistan does so”

The Sufi Soul ‏ @TheSufiSoul

#ShutUpClinton | …you’ve done so much damage to the Afghan people that a thousand lifetimes of repent will not rid you of this burden.

Salman Javed ‏ @FortressMSJ

What about #TarekMehana why was he taken in the prison? speaking for #Muslims is a crime for you? #Doublestandards#Cowards #Shutupclinton

Salman Javed ‏ @FortressMSJ

Wht about #AfiaSiddique U think a girl can kill your soldiers? Shame on your #Marines and #Shameonyou and oh yes you bettr be#Shutupclinton

IrfanTariq Javed ‏ @irfantariq

Pakistan paid highest price of your war on terror & still you blame pakistan for your own failures #shutUpClinton

Maria Memon ‏ @Maria_Memon

The best way to #ShutupClinton is to make sure that Al-Zawahiri is NOT in Pakistan.

Ambreen Ejaz ‏ @ProudPakistanii

You martyred our soldiers, you bomb drones on our people every other day. You have no right to call anyone else terrorist.#ShutupClinton

Hamza Baloch ‏ @H_Balouch

#America to OK 1 billion $ for #Israeli missile projects #ShutUpClinton!

Shahmeer Khan ‏ @DaDemagogue

Over 50,000 Pakistani Civilians & 5000 Armed Forces martyred in #USWar &Hillary wearing garlands to #INDIANS? #ShutupClinton#ShutupClinton

Sarah toxicos ‏ @unByanAble

Clinton are u not going to ask Singh about the 2000+ Mass graves of#Kashmiri Youth & their bullet riddled bodies? if not #ShutupClinton

Ghazanfar Ali ‏ @ghzanfar

World is tired of lies now…. #ShutUpClinton


Pakistani youth thinks they have found a voice on social media which lets them show their ‘writings on the wall’ and make it visible to the world.


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  1. Hillary – I got two words for you – STFU…actually four…

  2. Excellent analysis, I love the way the Youth of Pakistan is responding to the so called stupid yet calculated statement of what they exactly want in Pakistan. Nanni nahi hai Clinton, this is just a litmus test. Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya? La Ilaha ILLAllah 🙂 watch it Clintonssssssss

  3. it looks that it is near to end america with these stupid policies. thanx to social media on giving space to youth’s feeling about her!!!

  4. Since,1952, the US promoted,financed and participated in over 35 separate wars.Killing 10 million,exceeding the Nazi’s by 4 million…
    It is high time that the people of America woke up and took concrete step to put an end to the genocide of innocent men,women and children, being carried by their leadership in the American Peoples name!

  5. P.S
    SHUT UP, Clinton!

  6. […] Pakistan to do more in interviews and Press Conference in India. She immediately received a powerful ‘shut up’ call from Pakistani social media. Hashtag #ShutpClinton started trending, showing the unity of […]

  7. hillary u and ur president are bitches working for the free masons . Actually u are the biggest terrorist who is producing arsenal which is used by terrorist . u are using drones from nevada to bomb afghans .1 afghan terrorist is killed with 3 to 4 families . what if the same thing happens in america ? what about ur raymond davis who killed two pakistanis was he not a terrorist bt u supported that terrorist becoz he was working for u and his ass was stamped with american ink!! even hitler would be ashamed if he was alive
    u go in every country for their resources .
    u guys are blindfolded with hatred for muslims, nothing else!

  8. Shutup Haliry :::::::: you didn’t know what your husband was doing and your are claiming to know that Zahwari is in Pakistan?

  9. Feehan, your’s is the best!!! hahahaha…
    and yes, SHUT UP CLINTON!

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