Pathological Liars

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“I am at liberty to tell you today that its customary in an incident like this for our government to conduct a criminal investigation, that’s our law, and I can give you the full assurance of our government today that it will take place!”

The assertion on Raymond Davis’ trial by US Senator John Kerry at a press conference in Lahore on February 14, 2011 proved to be nothing but another attempt of the United States to flout the rule of law outside its borders. The US left yet another evidence of sheer dishonesty and reneging on promises with her friends. The Raymond Davis mystery is one from hundreds of such incidents that occur on the soil outside United States every year.

As a refresher, some undeniable facts needs to be reestablished, since Pakistanis have a very short memory. Raymond Davis, or George Fernandez  was a proven CIA contractor, outsourced through Eric Prince’s Blackwater (Xe) in Pakistan. Other than the clear cut murders of two Pakistani citizens Faizan and Faheem in pure daylight, he was guilty of spying on Pakistan’s sensitive locations. Photographs of defense installations were recovered from Davis’ camera, including snaps of Pakistan Army’s bunkers on the Eastern border with India and the headquarters of Frontier Corps in Peshawar.

The loyal servants of United States did not charge Davis with espionage, despite the fact that his spy activities were targeting Pakistan’s nuclear facilities and sensitive sites across Pakistan. At the time of his arrest, Raymond Davis was based at a house in Lahore with five other CIA contractors. It was the same era when our beloved Interior Minister Rehman Malik was repeatedly challenging anyone to prove the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan. Mr. Malik went to the extent of offering his resignation if Xe’s presence was proved anywhere in the country. However, he changed his tone when Raymond Davis was officially ‘discovered’ by the Punjab government as an undercover operative.

The two other ‘guys’ who came to rescue Raymond Davis on a Prado with fake number plate and killed another Pakistani Ibad ur Rehman are equally worth of mention here. Reportedly, both of these ‘contractors’ were flown away with Senator John Kerry, the very next day of the ‘apologetic’ Press Conference in Lahore.

Apologists argue that Raymond Davis was released only after the relatives of slain Faizan and Faheem were paid blood money in lieu of the murder, which strictly adheres to Islamic law.Hence, no one has the right to try Davis in the courts anymore. However, after the confession of DG ISI Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha at the in-camera session that Raymond Davis was released on the orders of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, this argument goes invalid. The source from where the blood money was paid is also doubtful, as US Secretary of State has denied payment of any blood money to the families of victims. Even the lawyer of the victims has alleged the government of kidnapping his clients and forcing them to sign a deal.

Having said that, the question is that should the people believe in anything that comes out of any Pakistani or US government official? Aren’t these pathological liars taking the entire nation, or to be honest, the entire humanity for a ride since many decades now. The evolution of so-called ‘free’ media has only added value and ease to the designs of ‘Western civilization’ and it has gotten close to impossible to dig out facts from the flux of disinformation. The sadder part of this tragedy is that the intellectuals of the society have given up against the might of institutionalized lies and deception and have failed to realize the difference between two civilizations at conflict. Some short-sighted people confine the term ‘Western civilization’ to geographical boundaries, whereas in philosophical terms, it is an entirely different way of life on the basis on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy and logic.

The United States can rightly be called the guardian of this imperialistic culture that has built an empire on the delicate footing of deceit. Those who hoped that it might get any better under President Barrack Hussain Obama, have finally faced reality. It has not and it will not get any better, since its not a person but an entire definition of political philosophy that the ‘West’ is following. The episode of Raymond Davis might have been a black swan for the United States, but it will not change anything. The protectors of this civilization will continue to lie, deceive and contradict facts for their evil designs, humanity is what will suffer the most! You never know, Raymond Davis might again be on Pakistani soil in the next few months, or probably he already is!

Tamjid Aijazi

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Ahmed Tamjid Aijazi is a media consultant, journalist and political commentator based in Karachi.

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  1. Dear Ahmed,

    Spot on with this blog. Not only are the rulers of America double faced fascist bastards but ironically, they are the real & true terrorists in this world. Of course they have a much awaited fate with a 14 trillion dollar debt, and an Aug 2 deadline looming on their heads, nonetheless, they have time and again shown the world, their true hypocritical faces…!

    They are nothing but a bunch of liars, including the nigger of a president obama bin laden and his cronies. They are all much worse than the previous.

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