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You thought they were saviours, your representatives whom you elected and sent forth with hopes in your heart and responsibilities on their shoulders. You thought they were there because their prime interest was to lead the way towards betterment of the country, and make you a force against all the monstrous problems the country is facing. How naive! No doubt we are always told “jaisey awam , waisey hukmaran”, (like people like leaders). But I must say they probably are worst of us.

Sindh’s Senior minister Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza’s tone and derogatory language, gave us a shock not for the first time. There are many others out there, who hold very important positions but have given us mini heart attacks with their venomous tongues. Mr. Mirza calls the people who migrated to Pakistan from India as “bhookey nangey” and goes on to claim to be a part of people who helped them to get back to normal life. He further attacks the leader of Karachi’s biggest party as ‘badmaash’ and urges the people of Karachi to rise and get rid of them,“In kambakhtoN say Jaan ChhuraeiN”. His eyes, language and words had nothing constructive, nothing to bring hearts close, nothing to work for the better, nothing but hate! So he was bound to be summoned by the honourable President, who must have given him a hard time extracting a quick apology for his most irresponsible speech.

But who would summon Mr President who holds the highest office in political world of Pakistan and whose words and tones were no better than those of an illiterate/uneducated class who have never attended school and have never learnt any manners to get along in society. He makes a funny sound and labels PML-N leadership having mentality of blacksmith (lohaar) and Maulvi; both probably abusive words in his vocabulary, and leaves both his friends and foes shocked.

His obedient servant, Mr. Faisal Raza Abidi in one of the talk shows defended his master in a manner even worse. He adds the term “Burqa” in the list of abusive words which Mehar Bokhari challenged very intelligently. Mr Abidi showed same instincts as his beloved leader and program ended in a furious dog fight (reminds me of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s masterpiece in urdu literature)

The trend is not new or confined to one party. It’s become a norm to attack each other’s human shortcomings or private lives, be it personal or family.

Mr. Chaudhry Nisar, who seems to be a sensible man, in his mission to humiliate MQM’s leadership, discusses Mr Hussain’s medical /psychological problems, his rehabilitation treatment and his ex-wife’s views about him; all unacceptable on religious, moral and ethical grounds.

He gets a response, ten times worse. Mr Waseem Akhtar directly asks Sharif brothers as to “what sort of ‘treatment’, do they keep visiting London for. The nation needs leadership and their problem is hair transplant to hook girls” He warns, “we know whose daughter ran away with whom and we know all about their illegal activities , so they better keep their mouth shut”.

Mustafa Kamal is simply outraged by PML-N’s blasphemous comments and in a talk show asks one of their representatives “mard kay bachhey bano”. He asks Jasmine Manzoor to turn off his mic and labels him and his leadership as ‘pimps’ and “jaanwar log “ and again targets PML-N’s leaders’ daughters. He threatens, this PML-N man would never be allowed to enter Karachi and even leave his own house in Punjab if he uses any bad words against his Quaid. Mr Nazim finishes his talk with his favourite term, “Ulloo ka patha” (I could not find a translation for the word, can anyone help?)

Not long ago, Mr Babar Ghauri battles Imran Khan not on a logical or statistical ground but reminds him that he was a playboy in the past (which is between him and Allah, might not be true, he might have repented but Allah forgives, man does not). He waves a child’s picture in the TV show and asks Imran Khan, who her father was, as she resembles him. A cheap shot indeed!

Imran Khan with all the qualities of a true leaders, holds his anger and talks about real issues on the TV show. But he forgets it’s a YouTube world and his fans and followers proudly posted his unofficial reply on social media where he laughs and makes everyone around laugh as well, with his comments “I can show you thousands of children in Africa who resemble Babar Ghauri”; an equally cheap shot, purely based on Mr Ghauri’s complexion.

And of course we haven’t forgotten PTI Sindh’s representative hurling a glass of water at Chief Minister’s advisor as they exchange abusive language in a live TV show.

Women have been equally vocal in their attempt to be “mardoN kay shaana bashaana” (shoulders to shoulder with men). No doubt they are equally talented.

Dr Firdaus Ashiq Awan engaged in shameful discussion, not very long ago, when Kashmala Tariq teases her about her background and her activities in FJ Medical college. Dr Awan throws this back in a most unacceptable fashion, leaving Javed Chaudhari and Shireen Mazari both shocked and embarrassed. She says that “She is ‘’at least’’ not from Heera Mandi and was not elected through someone’s bedroom”.

Another masterpiece, I remember was Samina Khawar Hayat’s performance in Jasmine Manzoor’s show, where she takes a ‘Lota’ out of her handbag to practically demonstrate why politicians (her opponents, of course) are called Lotas. She spins it like a spinning top (Lattoo) on the desk and as a part of her demonstration breaks a clay pot in studio, the manner in which these Lotas should be taken to task.

Enough of entertainment videos I have provided in this blog to keep you amused for days. But one question we should ask ourselves. Are they saviours? Are they capable of leading us? All they have and all they display is hate, immaturity and non-professional attitude.  They widen gulfs between us and divide the nation. Their prime interests are personal or party issues. They spit venom because their leaders are targets of “blashphemy”, not because you and I are in trouble, not because we are dying every day and not because the main issue of this nation is survival. They are far from goals and far from national interests.

They make and break alliances, they stab and apologise each other, they group and regroup, they manipulate and manoeuvre, just to stay in power.

A total overhaul is required. The change needs to come from within. We need to educate masses and choose carefully.  Once we are educated/intelligent and sincere to the country, we’ll have similar leaders; educated and cultured for whom national interest would be the decisive factor for making  and breaking political relationships.

They are from us, so let’s change ourselves. Change the language, the patience level and mentality of the ones who elect them. We can make a better choice next time, can’t we?

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Dr. Aisha Waheed

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Dr. Aisha Waheed is a medical doctor, MA History from QMUL UK - a traveller, photographer and a dreamer who longs for a kind and tolerant world. She loves Urdu poetry.

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  1. Excellent piece.
    The bottom line is: Change yourselves and ask the people around you to do the same. Soon everything will fall into place. After all these leaders are just one of us!

  2. BRAVO !!!! …..

  3. Very nicely put….. at the end of the day our leaders are as good as us. We are the one who put in the parliment. Its the punishment for our own doings…

  4. A Very Well phrased and unbiased Article that deals with the Issue as it should… Good Job !!

  5. very nicely penned. The article gives complete highlights of this hilarious past of filthy politicians. the nation must not forget these great “words” and acts by their “chosen” ones.

  6. I wish I could also express my self in such a tremendous way! Keep up the good work!

  7. Great Piece. I’ve been eyeing this piece for a long time but never checked it out. Now When I did, I cant help but say زبردست۔۔ ماشاللہ This is what I like in an article. Aimed, Articulate, Informative, & Prepped & Researched. The pieces that are just written with just power of wordage& no precise information cant attract any hold public interest. Still There is some problem with how the your blog is titled & your articles are named. It needs improvement. I don’t mean to offend you just wanted to express that if the content is that impressive & gripping the title should be given time too.

  8. You should probably update this article to include the words of the person that you refer to as “leader of Karachi’s biggest party”. What he said about the people of Sind being slaves of Hindus. Or you can also quote his speech in India when he called the independence of Pakistan ‘a blunder’. Or you can take up any of his intensely dramatic telephone based speeches in which he very generously starts singing songs, some even Indian, quite obviously to entertain his most loyal subjects. The fact that he is referred to as ‘leader’ is simply outrageous. A man who has nothing but murder cases to his credit, being called a ‘leader’, is utterly shameful, for all of us as a nation. A bully who makes sure the biggest city in Pakistan shuts down, scores of people lose their lives and the nation’s financial capital suffers billions of rupees in losses just because one drunken idiot said some crap that didn’t even genuinely register with the masses, and then goes on to spew the same verbal filth against the native people of Sind, being referred to as ‘leader’. Just hard to digest. Call him a dictator, call him a fascist, call him a chief, a head, a monstrosity that attempts to control mindless puppets to their untimely worldly demise, sitting thousands of miles away in an air-conditioned room and too big a coward to return and face charges against him but for GOD’s sake, do NOT call him a leader. It is incomprehensible why people in his party that know everything, some quite educated and literate as well, choose to follow him. Zulfiqar Mirza spewed garbage about the people that laid the foundation of this country with their blood. There is no excuse for that, no justification, but why do some of the same people choose to follow a man that is known to spill the blood of our own people!? Why does he not return to Pakistan and defend charges against himself if he claims to be so pure!? Why do they not demand him to do that? Why Why Why do people give him the status of a leader when he has done nothing but play murder based politics!? Too many whys I guess, not enough answers. Just one request though….

    Do not call him a leader.

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