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NasrullahShajeeIn a society stricken by war, insecurity and poverty, where everyone seeks a safe and prosperous life for themselves and their families, and people live lives day to day, we have somehow become self-centered feeling relieved if our families are safe, no matter what disasters are befalling in the other parts of the country. The examples of chivalry, selflessness and sacrifice have become few. Having said that, such examples, no matter how few, light a ray of hope in a bleak and barren landscape of despair.

Nasrullah Shaji, ex-MP Sindh Assembly, just fourty four years of age, a young father of three little children, none of whom has touched even the teenage, dived in the river Kunhaar at Balakot, when his student fell into the river. The year tenth student Sufyan slipped into the one of the angriest known rivers of Pakistan, river Kunhar at Balakot while taking pictures on a school trip. The principal of the school and his teacher, Nasrullah Shaji who was few feet away immediately dived in the river to rescue him. It was a courageous decision indeed. Remembering the speed and flow of river Kunhar, I still feel shivers down my spine as it requires utmost courage to jump into that water for saving the life of a student. Not even for a second, he thought of his three, six and ten year old children back home. A fatherly gesture, a responsibility and courage to fight the furious waves to bring a child back was his way of practicing what he preached all his life.

What made him risk his life for the sake of someone else totally unrelated to him? Indeed the verse of Quran was in his mind that saving one human life is just like saving entire humanity. He is a true hero and a role model as a teacher. He was one of the strongest man I knew, both physically and mentally, always happy to help and guide, a mentor for youth, a friend for the needy and a big brother whatever time of the day you need him. He was a preacher of the Quran, a striver for an Islamic revival, a strong and clean character, a chest filled with knowledge of religion, and eyes set on the goal of seeking Allah’s pleasure, living and dying for the cause of Allah. He practiced what he preached and got what he always wanted, martyrdom. It is a big loss for Jamaat Islami in particular, his political party but also for the society as a whole. But such personalities never die. They set examples for a despair filled society. Such heroes should be celebrated beyond political affiliations as they restore faith in humanity and are rare to find in this selfish world.

It requires fearlessness and nerve, when you see a drowning kid and risk your life for saving his. Such examples are rare in our rotten society.  Taking lives in this society is easier and examples of sacrifice are few. Headlines mean bad news, news of murders, bomb blasts and intolerance. The incidences of heroes of our society need to be given more and more airtime and attention, as they are the role models to follow and celebrate. People who live for others and die for others are the pride of Pakistan.

There are some lessons to learn in this tragic story. Life is so temporary and unpredictable. One minute it’s a picnic and fun, and the other minute it is over. We all make big plans for life but we all have to die. There is no age for death. We go when we have to go.

The worldly life is nothing but a game and fun, and the last abode is surely much better for those who fear Allah. Would you still not understand? [6:32]

Nasrullah Shajee survived live bullets, police beatings, difficult times and terrains throughout his life but he left us in a way destined for him by the Divine. Fearing death is just useless and cowardly. We are all moving towards our Lord, everyday. Wisdom lies in investing in the hereafter, living and dying for the pleasure Allah and leave footsteps that become guidelines for the rest of the world to follow.

O man, you are moving on towards your Lord, willy nilly, and are about to meet Him [84:6]

Muhammad Saad Khan

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  1. Our nation needs models like Nasrullah Shajee; self-less and sincere. We are so surrounded by deceit and frauds that he is a ray of hope that yes humanity is alive.
    May we all meet him in Hauz e Kausar from where the journey to Jannah will begin, in sha Allah.

  2. Ya-Allah, accept his sacrifice and grant him the highest rankings in Jannat-ul-Firdous.
    Ya-Allah, bless his family with patience and happiness. Ameen

  3. We all should follow such a great man.

  4. Atlast! ap ny article likh hi liya …
    MashAllah very nice … May Allah be pleased with him . I hope that both the father(teacher) and student will be in peace .

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