Who is Behind the Bloodbath?

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bloodbathThe catalogue of bloodbath in the Muslim world is harrowing and sickening. I want to know who is responsible for it all. It has been a bloody week – the Westgate shopping centre massacre in Nairobi that left 67 people dead, the killing spree of students in North Eastern Nigeria has left 50 students dead, the bomb blast has left 40 people dead in Peshawar in Pakistan and another bomb in Baghdad has taken the lives of 47 people. I want to know who is behind it all.

While the media and pundits brandish “Islamist terrorists” as the key culprits the more serious questions does not even get discussed. They get buried under the hysteria of the Islamist threat. I would like to know who these people are. What is their true identity? Who is funding them? Where are they getting their weaponry and technical support? Why are they hell bent on doing it in the name of Islam and not Christianity, Judaism or other faiths?

We all know that no true Muslim would ever carry out such atrocious and heinous massacres. Yet they are promoted as the true representatives of Islam and the Muslims by the media; their actions are labelled as Islamic and terroristic at the same time. I want to challenge those who are making a living out of pretending to be an Islamic terrorism expert by posing a few simple questions:

1. They are well aware of the fact that terrorism can never be Islamic but knowingly they make the association. This remains registered in the conscious and sub-conscious minds of people. When they think of Islam they think of bombs, killings and terror. Why do these experts deliberately conceal the truth and make these false associations?

2. By making Islam synonymous with terrorism what do they intend to achieve apart from fanning the fuel of Muslim hatred and discord? They know Islam could end terror and tyranny instantly if the Muslim world was truly free.

3. Why call terrorism, Islamic?

The Muslim world is sick and tired of more and more frontiers being thrust on their faces. They have the internal dictators and despots to fight in their respective homes. They have to struggle against imperialism and neo-colonialism. They are now facing a new menace; unknown people and groups are popping up everywhere and carrying out indiscriminate attacks and massacres using crude bombs with devastating consequences. Whose agenda are these murderous mischief-makers serving?

We all know that according to Islam killing one innocent person is tantamount to killing the entire humanity. In Islam life, intellect, property, family and faith of people are the most basic rights that must always be preserved. Yet, there are people who are randomly picking shopping centres, targeting markets, selecting schools and even choosing mosques to kill Muslims. There are those who are attacking the non-Muslims and their places of worship. A true Muslim would never do anything like that! A genuine Muslim would naturally be deterred by God consciousness, the inevitable consequence of the Hereafter and their scared commitment to fairness and justice.

The truth of who is pulling the strings and who are the real masterminds behind these attacks needs to be uncovered. Who are the paymasters of these bloodthirsty monsters need to be unveiled? Who are the real terrorists?

Anyone who believes in the God, most Merciful and most Kind and the last day would never attack innocent people or kill. These are the works of some dreadful people whose only motive is to demonize Islam and destabilize the Muslim world. A free and modernized Muslim world, embedded in Islam would pose a huge challenge to the interest of these ghastly people. I eagerly wait for that day when the Muslim world would be truly free and Islamic.

My all-time favourite chapter of the Quran summarizes the true character of Muslims in the following timeless words:

“CONSIDER the flight of time!
Verily, humanity is bound to lose
Except those who attain to faith, and do good works, and enjoin upon one another the keeping to truth, and enjoin upon one another patience in adversity.” (Chapter – The Time)

Murder, mayhem and terror has no place in Islam and please do not attribute it to Islam either.

Ajmal Masroor

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Ajmal Masroor is an author, broadcaster and relationship counsellor in United Kingdom. As an author he specialises in writing on marriage and relationship issues but also writes on political, social and community matters. He is regularly invited by the media as a commentator as well as a public speaker for conferences and seminars nationally and internationally.

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  1. Truly, a nice article which is very much in invocation of the needs of present time. Islam is often associated with terrorism where as it strongly condemns terrorism. But unfortunately, the fuzz over terrorism often prevent us from looking into the culprits and their masters. It is time to see the real picture of this whole mockery of Islam and brutality to humanity.

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