The Foster Parent of an Orphan Nation

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GilaniWe are humans, thank God, for we have the ability to suppress animal instincts. It is this nature to control raw flares of often unwanted behaviour that makes us human. Of the animal instincts most abhorred in our being, it is not the unnecessary and unheeded violent behaviour that I want to highlight; it has already been made the subject of many a films, articles and pieces of literature. It is instead the goldfish instinct in all of us, which we so ironically forget about, that we should visit today.

That sun-drenched afternoon, 2 days before the election, history repeated itself in Multan; like the Taseers’, a Gilani son got abducted. The public sentiments varied from the crude poetic justice to sagacious sympathy. Emotions ran high in the family and party supporters alike and desperate outbursts from the Gilani brothers graced the TV screens and disgraced law enforcement agencies yet again. To date, the young Gilani remains missing with a few credible leads leading to some arrests. This is marginally better progress than the Taseers’ case and infinitely better progress than most of us could have dreamt of seeing if we were put in a similar nightmare.

On the day, the clamour of this unfortunate event could have taken the whole city and eventually the whole election process into a downward spiral. The right focus from the media, the right nerve, the right note from PPP at that precise time and a whole lot of wrong would have entailed. Who is to know our Tehrir Square might have started from the sweet, loving people who converse in melodious Seraiki?

However, Gilani Saab’s prudent handling of the matter remains, to date, is his most desirable memory in the minds of most. We have all forgotten and forgiven what had come to pass for 4 years. For a father to lose a son in such manner is most painful. Spare a thought, as well, for the missing persons’ families going through similar ordeals without any closure for years. Our prayers go out to the whole Gilani family for now; to console them and to give them hope that no more wrong will happen to them. We appeal for the safe release of Ali Haider Gilani.

So, for the time being, let’s bow in to the goldfish instinct of short term memory and let our criticism of mediocrity be shrouded by the emotion of pity. We forgive you Gilani Saab but, in our next hour of need, please don’t ask us to leave Pakistan; remnants of that sinister smirk laden image of you still remain. I am quite sure you had better words of consolation for your bereaved sons on 09th May 2013. Yes, blood is thicker than water but you were, after all, a foster parent to an orphaned nation.

Nazim Zaka

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Nazim Zaka is a Technology Consultant and is getting back to writing habits after a hiatus of many years.

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  1. Well surely an absorbing piece, which surely raises a very valid question for all who envision them da right of leadership in our beloved Pakistan. The language, satire and the goldfish instinct are instant high points of the thought provoking blog!

    Yet when writing a political story always base arguments on true and established facts…e.g “missin persons’ families’ ordeal,” has little to do wd our former helpless Prime Minister as the proud brave “khakis,” as usual dispersed the certification of WHO IS A LOYAL PAKISTANI N WHO IS A TRAITOR though the irony remains that the biggest traitor produced in 1,000 yrs of muslim history happens to be our proud general pervez musharaf.

    Last but not the least, conclude most stories with hope esp at a time when the resilient Pakistani nation has sacrificed around 45,000 innocent brave civilians, proud policemen n soldiers to cowardice of terrorism….da educated elite of Pakistan in my humble opinion remains HOPE, HOPE AND HOPE….Pakistan is for sure startn the journey of becomin a spiritual superpower in next few years and only seeds of affection and hope can act as a Catalyst!

  2. I hope he finds his son soon. Its a very difficult time for any father.

  3. Well written article !!! I can relate to this article a 100%… the thought about the goldfish memory is driving me nuts !! To think of the fact that PTI should have won this time around as it had a chance cuz the next elections after 5 years…. it’s PPPP’s turn again….

    Ppl would have forgotten all about the recent PPPP time in power…. but can’t blame the poor souls of Pakistan… Bhutto zinda hai and benazir bhi zinda hai…Bilawal has to be brought into power to keep them alive….

  4. While the goldfish instincts remain, it’s a little hard to forgive and forget this time around… for the wounds are too deep and the sorrows too hurtful. The coup de grace makes the article a worthwhile read; and offers a stern reminder that times change. May no one have to go through the ordeals that the kindnapping of a closed one bring.

  5. My prayers are with Gilani sahib! No man, regardless of his stature deserves to be separated from his child like this. However, i do believe that having the memory of a goldfish is a blessing for us, otherwise what is projected in the newspapers and on the news channels would’ve formed a long queue at the therapists! Maybe its the ability to forget that’s kept us sane with everything that goes wrong here.

  6. Good work Nazim. We tend to forget every now and then that we are an orphan nation.
    My prayers are with Mr. Gailani. At the same time it reveals the wide open cracks in all pillars of our state. Build institutions don’t destroy them.
    Time to be human again, no more goldfish instinct 🙂

  7. Very well structured and written article. This article reminds me of the old dictum, “It’s easier to be a saint than to live with one.” . Only everyone forgets how seldom our memory is accurate. Having more memory is just a way of distorting a greater amount of the past. I am sure that whole nation already have forgiven Gilani sb and praying for his son. May ALLAH protect pakistan from all odds ..Aameen

  8. Well written publication. Gold fish memory a curse or a blessing? A tough question to answer. Mr gilani did nothing for the missing persons family, now his family is one of them. Below link probably explains what exactly happens to his son.

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