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Terrorism has no religionWhat happens when events recur so often that we become accustomed to them? They end up becoming a part of our lives and we learn to live with them.

Pakistan came into existence because it was seen as the sole solution to safeguard the rights of the minority i.e. Muslims. However, the very basis of the creation of Pakistan was soon violated by its people; a country where Quaid had promised utmost respect and security for the minorities became the breeding ground for extremism and intolerance. A country which had been envisioned to be a land of justice has faced nothing but disappointment because we all failed to live up to the expectations of the father of the nation. We have not been able to make the country into what it was supposed to be.

It might be a just argument to say that it’s not the ‘us’ but ‘them’; the terrorists, the extremists, the corrupt politicians and the rival countries adamant to crumble our country. However, we have failed to grasp the fact that in reality we are the ones who are nourishing this injustice and violence. What else can make those militants who are not even 1/10th of the population annihilate our peace? We believe that we cannot make a difference by talking about sectarianism and genocides, that we are not capable of changing the course of things. We have made our lives congested for ourselves, being oblivious to everything happening around us and remaining silent to the attacks intended at minorities. And once we allowed this oppression to exist, its grotesque growth became inevitable. In our country, each terrorist attack is treated as a forgotten memory and a ghost which lurks to haunt us. “Iss mulk ka kuch nahi ho sakta” and other such phrases define our meek submissiveness to fate. We have entitled ourselves as the ones in disdain, the ones who are helpless.

“The nation which reposes on the pillow of political confidence will sooner or later end its political existence in a deadly lethargy. (Quote by – James Madison)”

We are unaware of our potential, our real power. We are unwilling to believe that we are capable of bringing about the change, the ‘tabdeeli’ that is so much talked about these days. It’s not a single man, a single government that can revive peace in our country overnight. To get rid of the darkness of cruelty we have to gather ourselves, realize our strengths and work together. It’s high time we start owning responsibility for our current condition and realise that it was our negligence which has allowed thousands to be killed till now. Things will not change until we are prepared to change them, until we decide to talk about them and start thinking about the solutions. Discussing an issue is the first step towards eliminating it. Instead of running away from things which scare or hurt us, we should face up to them and start our own war against them, for peace. We should take the fate of our land in our own hands and work for its betterment and make sure that the sacrifices that were made to claim this piece of land which we call home don’t go in vain.

Mohsina Asif

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Mohsina Asif is an O'level student from Lahore, Pakistan. She is devoted to her country and aspires to serve it in every possible way.

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  1. Subanallah.. Don’t worry.

    Innallahi wa ina 3lahi rajoun.
    Inna ma3l osri osra. We will change the course of things. IA

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