Loving Pakistan Against the Odds

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LovingPakistanPakistan- a word I’ve been hearing since my first day but every single time I hear it and interpret it, the familiar sense of belonging and feeling of love is rejuvenated. I’ve heard it under muffled voices as my grandparents would narrate their childhood stories; we would squeeze beside them under the blankets and awe at the thrilling events of 1947 while we munched peanuts and walnuts. I, then grew up and with time the voices spelling out Pakistan changed as well. I remember the gasp which would travel around the class every time our teacher shared an unusual fact regarding Pakistan. Then, I heard some people pronouncing it spitefully, executing particular stress on it during their heated debates. At times, the word reflected hopelessness and despair while at others it spoke of elation, pride, enthusiasm and determination. The tones and speakers were of great variety but a single thing remained unimpeded- the name never ceased to leave an impact on my heart. Either I speak of it in a mediocre manner or chant “Pakistan Zindabad”. I speak of it as one would speak of a cherished family member.

It wasn’t I who chose Pakistan as an identity, culture, lifestyle or a possession. Instead, Pakistan chose me to breathe in its air and walk upon its soil; I was invited to experience the feeling of being at home and being loved at this part of the world.

Since my young days I have been witnessing argument about Pakistan and its issues but all along I’ve been no more than a reticent listener. People are prepared to alienate their homeland and consider a single ticket, a single flight to be their key to success because it’s hard for them to see this country prosper. However, amidst this devastation I see a smile. I see it beaming through the tears and scars and just when I have been disheartened enough to turn around and join the crowd I see a glisten in those sorrowful eyes. The eyes have put behind the grievances as they stare at me hopefully. I see trust and belief in them, an unhampered belief that if not this time then the next or maybe some other time Allah would help and heal those scars. And, despite the disappointments it has had to face it still believes the people are worthy enough to be relied upon. I cannot abandon my idealism after finding life beneath the dead.

It will be hard to believe if you claim to have never lost anything because of Pakistan or to Pakistan. There were times when I stumbled and I, too lost my confidence in this country but when I stood up I had even greater zest because I realized it were my hopes which still give the green-white flag a reason to stand tall. It’s your ideology and vision which will help Pakistan to overcome the tribulations, thrive and rise to the long forgotten glory, it’s actual destination.

Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said,

“And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship.” (Tirmidhi-Saheeh)

Mohsina Asif

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Mohsina Asif is an O'level student from Lahore, Pakistan. She is devoted to her country and aspires to serve it in every possible way.

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  1. I really appreciate that there are still Pakistanis existing who are determined to potray a better image of their country through internet! Nice job, Mohsina!

  2. Touching. And so effective. The words went all the way to pull this string in my heart.

  3. Thank you so much Aleena and Sakina, your words are really appreciated!

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