Feminism – Are We Doing It Wrong?

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feminismFeminism (Oxford definition) – the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

EQUALITY! Not supremacy.  Feminism is all about advocating women’s rights not advocating their supremacy above any other human being and certainly not about loathing men like some sort of filth. Then why exactly do some self proclaimed “feminists” tend to mistake this equality as being treated in a special way?  As strange as this article may seem, considering a girl herself is questioning feminism, I really want to say I feel for all those men who have fallen prey to this sort of unfair and manipulative ‘feminism’ or I’d rather call it feminazism. The kinds of feminists I have come across are nothing but a bunch of loud, crude and irrational women. Seldom do I see rational and smart feminists.  Most of them are just, downright irrational, confused and silly. Here are a few types of feminists who I have actually come across myself.

– Those who have had bad relationship experiences and perceive all men as evil little despicable creatures just cause their partner turned out to be err not so loyal. Hence pledging themselves that they will not let any man live guilt-free for being a man.

– The confused ones. A very famous Bengali writer also a feminist (will not mention her name) tweeted once saying why don’t men wear women’s attire? That seriously came as a shock to me and made me question the present concept of feminism. What I fail to understand is that why exactly don’t such women understand that when they say this, they’re going against the law of nature. That’s like saying why can’t the Sun revolve around the Earth why does it always have to be us. Yes, that’s how stupid it sounds.

– Then there’s this other kind, the kind that goes nude for no apparent reasons at all. These ones will go nude for the most trivial things. I bet even for a protest against this very article. Almost everything that offends them.  What this lot needs to understand that at the end of the day, they are entertaining the same men they’re standing against. They’re merely objectifying their bodies, which is not really helping, come to think of it.

Many of you may not agree and if you’re one of the types mentioned above you might be angry by now but I genuinely believe that the concept of feminism is being badly misunderstood by today’s women.  What’s disappointing is that most of the women who luckily are born into societies which grant women their due rights don’t take feminism seriously the reason maybe their lack of understanding the matter as they themselves haven’t really been subjected to double standards and gender bias. I personally feel if educated and rational women take up feminism, it can change the state of the women around the globe. The main reason feminism is not taken seriously anymore is that most of the women chanting slogans about equality aren’t really talking about equality themselves. They’re mostly unreasonable and apologetic.

All in all, I’m all for feminism. I believe women are no less of a gender than men but I also believe exaggerating and ranting about almost everything that is unchangeable, that we clearly know is natural and cannot be changed whatsoever, is plain stupidity. You want to compete? Compete on a mental level not on a physical one.  Women surely do have the capability to outdo men mentally and the rising numbers of girls topping in different exams in our country is a proof of it. So ladies, know that you’re no less and that feminism is all about embracing yourself and your femininity, acknowledging the fact that you’re a woman and definitely not weak. You have the power to change the world and shape the future generations. You go girls!

Nayab Fareed

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Nayab is a nature lover and dreamer who would like to pursue a career of journalism. Her ultimate wish is to see a prosperous and tolerant Pakistan, a dream of Jinnah and Iqbal.

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  1. Absolutely concur with this blog article !!!

    Ive personally come across quite a few feminists and apart from one or two, all of them have this idea of asserting whatever they have in mind to men. Equality doesnt matter to them at all. Seeing men doing better even on the basis of just ‘merit’ where equality maybe a pre-requisite puts them off not just quite a bit but A LOT.

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