Waheeda Shah offers democracy’s best revenge

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In what seems to be a hapless event for the victims is but an outrageous and a preposterous one for the local community and women of Pakistan, who have long striven for their empowerment in the supposed imperious patriarchal society, but it also seems our attention to grotesque events against the self-hood and dignity of women is selective. Had it been in yester night’s live broadcast a man extending such vigorous assault to an unarmed and a defenceless presiding officer (and that too a lady), sans a scintilla of doubt, the public hue and cry along with Media (print and electronic broadcast) coverage would be unparalleled to what we have just witnessed. Certainly this corroborates our retained biases for pivotal social issues, particularly over violence against women.

Waheeda Shah, a PPP-Elect from the constituency PS- 53 Tando Muhammad Khan decided to lay wrath over a couple of female public officers (appointed by the Election Commission to oversee the election proceedings) when she in a fit of rage accused them of rigging the polls despite the fact, that she could have filed a complaint with the law enforcement agencies about the alleged rigging, Waheeda Shah hastened with the display of her reflexes to assume the role of Judge, Jury and the Executioner.

The purge of impulse from the pugnacious candidate (none other than Waheeda Shah) did not just manifest in form of slaps or jabs to the helpless officers (including Shagufta Memon, serving assistant presiding officer and a Teacher at the Government College Primary School Mulakatiyar) but also included the vigour of verbal aggression presenting an immaculate impression, as if these public officials (women) were her inherited slaves from the medieval times. Such is the mental-cultivation or maturity or for least the law abidance of our legislators, who transcend their existence above the Rule of Law or any notions of justice (rather the proverb ‘rule of law’ doesn’t exist in their code book).

So it be, and thus saw today Pakistan, despite the coverage of Waheeda Shah’s Physical assault Live on news channels and hourly news headlines, the power greedy PPP-Elect didn’t waste an opportunity to coerce the assistant presiding officer (Shagufta Memon who is also feared not to be the same person as shown in the assault video, due to concealment of identity through the use of veil) to appear with her before a press-conference and break the ice, before any stumbling blocks could be laid in her way and the formal membership of Sindh Provincial Assembly by the Election Commission, local Police and the Media. The unquestioned servile compliance and conformity of the presiding public officer is a reflection of Pakistan’s middle-class and vulnerable women, that long for empowerment in the empire of fiefs (either feudal Men or the likes of Waheeda Shah), who defy all bounds of law to retain their power over the not-so-privileged masses. Thus, to the imperious elite of remote and urban localities of Pakistan, Laws, Rights and Values are but out-dated and obsolete clichés of past, which holds no relevance to them and doesn’t apply to their existence on any committed deviance. Hence, people like Waheeda Shah are above the Law, and the law is for rest of us.

Further a few surprising and bemusing observations, which remain worth sharing in the outfall of this event, are;

1) Why the Local Police did not file a complaint against Waheeda Shah, who had repeatedly assaulted the various lady public officers (since these women were serving as public officers on behalf of the Election Commission). Hence, even if some adjustment had to take place (without any coercion) should it not have been done before a judge and in a court of law?

2) Why has the Supreme Court not taken any action against the alleged candidate and disqualify (if proven) for the vehement display of physical assault and violence against the respective officers?

3) Famous and renowned voices that take pride in strengthening women empowerment and dissing violence against women through criticism, it seems that they have gone apathetic and indifferent in “debating” over this event of blatant violence against female public officers.

Therefore, it is imperative for the institutions of the state including the Election Commission, Honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan to undertake the required legal action in this concern (especially when helpless and vulnerable public officers are subject of physical assault) and the media to instil awareness among public about the rule of law, so that a withering sanity is rescued to prevail.


Usama Nizamani

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  1. We are living in a state of a meltdown. Meltdown of law & order, meltdown of politics, meltdown of humanity, literally everyone around us are like zombies. Reminds me of the game Resident Evil. This banana republic has made everyone a zombie, who only has one agenda on his/her mind – to go home alive.

    The pathetic, incompetent and inept PPP workers, and their mediocre leaders, have brought about the worst corruption in the history of Pakistan.

    And people still want to vote for them…zombies

  2. this woman is next episode of Fozia wahab.when media glorify an idiot women like Fozia.what do you think her follow suit will do.waheeda trying to get cheap fame.soon you will see this women barking like bitch on different TV channels.Actullay zardari has appointed a team of all these bitches including Shehla raza,fozia wahab,farazana raja,Shazia maree,sharmila farooqi and on top of them Firdos ashiq awan.the only job of these women is to appear in TV channel and bark.

  3. The scene showing Waheeda Shah slapping an innocent teacher was really disgusting and clearly showing that our lady politicians when in power really acts like CO of Nath Brigade. The issue is where our champion of women/ human rights are hiding. We have not seen statement of Marvi Memon, Asma Jehangir, Shazia Marri etc. etc. who issue statement only when their strings are moved by some NGO or Agency. The silence of Women liberation organization on this issue is not understandable

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