Their Journeys to Islam

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The following videos were recorded by one of our team members attending ‘Discovering Islam Week at London School of Economics on the 10th February 2012. These beautiful people have their beautiful stories of their journeys to peace which are fresheners of faith to us and reminders of the forgotten blessing of Islam which remains beautifully wrapped up in our bookshelves waiting to be unfolded and applied to our lives. Please share widely.

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Kristiane Backer is a TV presenter and journalist based in London with a pan-European career. At the age of 24 Kristiane became one of the leading presenters on MTV Europe where she interviewed many major artists and musicians of her time. In 2009 Kristiane published her acclaimed autobiography “From MTV to Mecca” in Germany. The book is currently being translated into Dutch, Turkish, Arabic and English. Kristiane is engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue and is a Global Ambassador for the Exploring Islam Foundation. She was introduced to Islam by sports star turned politician Imran Khan.




Sarah Joseph is CEO and Editor of Muslim lifestyle magazine emel ( and commentator on British Muslims. She is a writer and a broadcaster and lectures on Islam both within the UK and internationally (USA, Europe, Middle and Far East). Sarah converted to Islam at the age of 16 in 1988 after being brought up as a Catholic.




Yusuf Chambers has been involved with a number of leading Muslim organizations; both in the UK and abroad. His work has often focused around community projects and positive civic engagement.He is a prominent da’ee who delivers lectures around the country. Brother Yusuf has also traveled extensively to give dawah including Mexico, India and Kuwait. He is also a regular on many television channels including Peace TV and Islam Channel. He is one of the Founding members of iERA and Peace Giving Foundation.




Listen and share their stories and freshen up your Eiman.


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  1. inspiring indeed. They are mashaAllah better than many by-birth Muslims. may Allah help them in continuing their journey with best of here and hereafter.

    Thanks and Jazakallah Admin for recording and sharing these beautiful pieces for us.

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