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It has been years since Pakistan has emerged on the map of the world. Muslims of India became Muslims of Pakistan after a great struggle and a big loss of human lives. The question arises that what made them struggle for the separate homeland and putting life at stake. Today, after accomplishing approximately 64 years of independence, we have got distributed into two different schools of thought. One of the schools of thought says that Pakistan is a Muslim state (as the Muslims are in the majority) but according to them, it doesn’t imply that the Islamic law should be followed as a mandatory requirement. The other group seems completely disagreeing with this perception and focuses on the approach of the people who struggled for the independence as the only thing in their mind was a land where they can practice their religion Islam without any restrictions.

Our homeland was named Islamic Republic of Pakistan by the founders. But unfortunately, the Islamic laws were not implemented for running this Islamic society. It can easily be interpreted that the people with power at that time, got distracted from the way they should have walked upon. The biggest flaw in our country’s system is that rather than implementing the Islamic laws, we have started thinking Islam is only a religion, and not a code of life.

After analysing the thoughts of the specific group whose thinking is to separate Islam as a religion from the governing of the state, when I open the Book of Allah, the Qur’an when I read Hadith, I feel completely confused that what has made that specific group of people think that way. May be it is due to the reason that we never implemented Islamic laws and now we are trying to satisfy ourselves by saying that Islam has nothing to do with the state governance. Islam is not as the way we have represented it as so-called Muslim. The remaining work of defaming this religion was done by the media, both (electronic and print) as it has played a key role is placing a misconception in the people minds.

If we had implemented the Islamic laws, the present situation would have completely changed. It is not any NGO but Islam which talks about rights of minorities, rights of women, education, equal distribution of wealth, a society free from inflation and governing the overall state. This was the same Islam which was implemented by the Caliphs in their times after the the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) by following the Quran & Sunnah as the constitution.

We still have time in our hands to implement the real Islamic laws in our homeland Pakistan which was made an independent state in the name of Islam. It is high time we made practical implementation of the real good governance and a welfare state, and overcome the worst state of time we are in. Why not try the divine way with full faith and conviction for once?

Yasir Ahmed Khan

About the author

Yasir Ahmed Khan is an an ACCA student from Karachi. Teaching is his passion. He sees an educated Pakistan as the only long term solution of all the issues facing the country.

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  1. well its a good effort. but try to be more specific and targeted in your future articles

  2. Very nice write-up. Perhaps addition of some facts & figures could add even more merit.

    Found below the links for your perusal:

  3. Salutes for you ! Great effort

  4. Islamic Welfare Democracy is our Destiny !

  5. Islam was never just a religion. Islam is idealist ideology for a complete civilization (Politics / Economy / Society) having monotheistic spiritual bases. & Pakistan was founded as a south Asian platform of struggle for global Islamic Renaissance.

  6. Islam is the only solution to our muslim ummah problems

  7. Once we implement islamic law & order in pakistan , entire world will follow us, especially muslims countries.

  8. Thank you all for admiring the article …

    InshahAllah we all will see once again the GLORY of Islam … InshahAllah

  9. Yes you are right Islam is the complete way of life Shariah is the law.We definitely have to follow Shariah for our emancipation.

  10. yes , islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life both in individual and collective spheres.

  11. We have completely distanced ourselves from Islam. How many of us understand the meaning of Quranic Verses. The task has been delegated to the indigent of the society to study at Madrassas who could never come at the helm of affairs. The scholars lack power of inspiration and the people are hypnotized to believe in the altruism of the western mores. The people who believe otherwise are properly harangued and condemned to terms such as fundamentalists, rightists, terrorists. As Iqbal pithily sums it up in one of his best couplet “Ye Bhut kay tarasheeda-e-tehzeeb-e-nawi hai —– Gharat gar-e-kashana-e-deen-e-nabavi hai” which means, “This idol that has been sculptured by the modern culture is in fact a thief of the house of religion of the prophet”. That is in the garb of enlightenment and civilization, we are being robbed of the beautiful practices of Islam.

  12. Sharia should be implemented, why? because islam says so, in UK i have seen what life is with lots of problems, i.e: teenage pregnancies, drunk fathers who womanise and beat their wives up, open homosexuality, which is rife amongst most western nations, and what u got to remember that imam mahdi(as) ki nishaniya aa gayi hai, the one who supports an oppressive system with tyrant leaders, is no longer a muslim, thats why i support sharia law- a system thats fair, islamic countries were so successful until we were secularised under western guidance, if the saudis never sold their imaan for riches than this wouldnt have happened, we would never have any visa restrictions imposed on us, so blame british and french zionists in implenting a system which will clash with the system allah will approve of

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