Partition, Pakistan and Purpose

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On 14 of August 1947 and 27th Ramadan the holiest month in Islamic calendar in Indian-Subcontinent a new country came into being on the map of the world; Pakistan; founded on the basis of ‘Two-Nation Theory’ that Muslims and Hindus of India are two separate nations. The Idea of a separate Muslim country in North-West of Indian-Subcontinent was presented by Allama Iqbal, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah led the Pakistan movement through the platform of Muslim League, a political party which was representative of Muslims in India. It would be absolutely illogical not to believe that partition of India was based on religion and the foundation of a new country Pakistan was based on Islam as there would have been be no reason for partition and no need for sacrificing thousands of lives and migration of millions of Muslims to the new state.

Pakistan was not founded on secular concepts such as language, ethnicity or regional nationalism. In fact, it negated all those concepts. The idea of Pakistan’s creation was that Muslims are separate nation because of their religion and they need a separate homeland in Muslim majority states of India for creation of an Islamic state where they can practice Islam in private and public sphere.

Vast majority of Muslims in Indian-Subcontinent supported the Pakistan movement and in 1946 elections, 76% Muslims voted for Muslim League and the Muslim league got more Muslim votes from the states where Muslims were a small minority, now part of India. Muslims living in Bombay, Madras, UP, CP and other States knew that they will never be able become citizens of Pakistan and they would not enjoy the independence but  they voted for Muslim League and supported the creation of Pakistan despite the fact that they will also have to suffer the wrath of Hindus and Indian Congress. They made this great sacrifice for Islam hoping that Pakistan will become an Islamic State and thus lead the revival of Ummah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

After 65 years of its creation, let alone making Pakistan a Modern Islamic State we are still debating or a secular elite fringe has drawn us to debate whether the country was made to be a secular state or an Islamic State. Looking at purpose and basis of Pakistan’s creation this may sound like debating at night, whether earlier in the morning the sun rose from the east or west. The country which had clear vision, real purpose, sacred mission behind its creation, blood and sacrifices of millions of Muslims for Islam sadly has been forced into stagnation with confusion, denial, hypocrisy and betrayal.

65 years on our judicial system is still Anglo-Saxon penal code, policing system is also the same which has miserably failed to provide justice and maintain law & order in the country. The economic system is utterly fraudulent, corrupt and oppressive capitalism which is based on interest/usury. The rulers are cruel and corrupt who do not believe in the very purpose this country was created for they are guardians of the status quo and don’t even fill the Islamic criteria to be the candidates for positions which they are holding. The constitution is full of contradictions on one side its says no legislation can be made repugnant to Quran and Sunnah on the other side gives immunity to (the corruption of) the President which is against the Quran. Laws which were against Quran & Sunnah had not only been presented, but also passed by the Parliament. At social level our society is full of contradictions, media is misusing its freedom by making mockery of Islam and even insulting Islam in one way or another, it is spreading a wannabe attitude by promoting Western and Indian culture, whereas the land of the pure was found to rid Muslims of unIslamic customs and trends of Hindu culture. This betrayal with Allah who blessed us with this beautiful and resourceful homeland and ignorant denial of Islamic Purpose of Pakistan’s creation has ruined Pakistan a lot in last 65 years.


In 1971, East Pakistan broke away as Bangladesh on the basis of secular linguistic Bangali nationalism and 1/3 of the people in existing Pakistan want to leave the country because of their plight. The country is rotten with corruption, lawlessness, bad-governance, terrorism, energy crisis, Imperial slavery etc. Beside other reasons the biggest reason for separation of East-Pakistan was that the ideology on the basis of which east Bengal joined Pakistan was negated. There was no common bond and affiliation apart from Islam amongst the people of East and West Pakistan to keep them united as one nation. Two different regions, different languages, different race, different culture but one faith Islam which made them one nation in 1947 but Islam was practically subjugated into Mosques by the ruling elite in West Pakistan, consequently now East Pakistan is Bangladesh, and in existing Pakistan which is multi-lingual, multi-racial, there is no common bond or affiliation to keep the people from Karachi to Khyber, Quetta to Lahore united as one nation except La Ilaha Muhammad ar RasulAllah,  but ethnic, provincial, linguistic divide is prevalent in Pakistani Politics and there are some separatist movements led by secular nationalists getting stronger in Baluchistan based on secular nationalism.

What was the purpose of partition if Pakistan was planned to be a secular state, when there are more Muslims living in India than Pakistan, they pray, fast and go for Hajj every year on special flights. The secularists say ‘‘economic rights of Muslims were the reason Pakistan was created for it was not made to be a Islamic State”. Before coming up with this lie to associate their fraudulent and corrupt ideology with Pakistan’s creation they forget that we had left half of the Muslims in India, and they knew there so called economic rights will not be protected but still they supported and even voted for creation of Pakistan and those who left everything in India were quite well-off but they migrated to Pakistan knowing the fact that they might be killed on the way. They sacrificed everything for nothing else but Islam.

If we are to save Pakistan we have to come back to the purpose of its creation wholeheartedly and build Pakistan accordingly. It is not just a national obligation but an Islamic obligation to follow Allah’s Deen which we claim to believe in otherwise the future would be even worse than the present in every sense.

May Allah protect Pakistan and Pakistanis. Ameen.


Abbas Ali

About the author

Abbas Ali is a commerce graduate currently student of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) from Jhelum.

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  1. beshak….. the ideology behind Pakistan was two nation theory and Quaid was not a secular muslim..

  2. The problem with the majority of Pakistani population is that no matter how repulsive they feel for the secularists and anti religious slogans, obscenity issues, they keep their thoughts either to themselves or perhaps do lip service amongst few. And heart within heart keep their fingers crossed that some how or the other a miracle would take place and their problems would be solved……but HELLO! guys wake up! its time the responsibilities have to be shouldered! its high time that such slanderers need to be shown their real worth. How can we let the anti Pakistan sentiment carriers roam around without fear in our streets and towns and cities. How can we just sit back and not be EFFECTIVELY VOCAL!
    We need to realize once and for all what and who we actually are? A Muslim who is only the ABD/ slave/ Worshiper of Allah SWT or otherwise. If Muslim…..the being submissive to Islamic laws and codes and conducts should be our main goal. And to freely act on our own religious beliefs we have to realize the importance of a free land….and that FREE LAND is our beloved, God Gifted Pakistan!!!
    Seeing and reading whatever that is happening in various parts of the world to what is being done to the Ummah…the complete Muslim Brotherhood, one body, one flesh… could our hearts not bleed with the pain our fellow bretherns are going through and how could we not wake up from this zombie slumberism of ours and not realize the real importance of Deen and a place called free homeland to lead a life on the principals laid down by Allah swt and His messenger Mohammad SAW? How could we not be thankful to Allah swt for this great blessing which has been bestowed upon us!
    Oh please the fellow countrymen……before its too late…..lets put our acts together and strive to achieve and hold on to the task the responsibilities being Muslims are expected of us….. We need to realise clearly that we are not free from the responsibilities once we call ourselves Muslims! The weight of the problems of the world – all of the evils including the killing of our brothers in Afghanistan, Burma, India, Iraq etc, the abuse of our sisters in Palestine, the insults upon the Prophet (saw) by the Kuffar, the disrespect of the Quran in Guantanomo bay where they throw it in the toilets and where they urinate on it – the obligation to change all of these evils is upon our necks unless we are working to our utmost for the true solution to them. A real Islamic State ….no matter how this word might sound to others….but indeed its imperative to have an established Khilafah!

  3. that’s the problem with Pakistan. There’s a veil of religion everywhere. In Karachi for instance, I’ve heard there are large billboards advertising beer from Indian brands. Why all this hypocrisy under Islam? and not to mention all those militants the Pakistan government has created….

    As a younger generation Bangladeshi who has read and studied the atrocities committed by Pakistan on Bengal during the Pakistan-era, I find it hard to believe that army generals could brainwash their soldiers into believing that raping women incessantly would breed a newer generation of better Muslims in currently Bangladesh. In a lot of ways, you could say Bangladesh did a good thing separating itself off from Pakistan. For one thing, there’s no veil of religion and Islam protecting the corrupt laws and practices. Militancy in the name of Islam has been reduced to a nought during the current govt.’s tenure; the only party that promotes and uses militancy as a political tool is obviously the pro-Pakistani one.

  4. v v nice article & like the way you have build the argument. also makes me feel proud that accounts can write well too (since i am also an accountant). friend one thing that has always troubled me is, why most religious scholars of that era were against creation of pakistan when it was meant to be an islamic state. they went to great extent and labeled few v harsh comments on the founder of pakistan. never found an answer to that.

  5. @Ahmed Bilal 1st of all there is no theocracy or Mulaiat in Islam every Muslim is equal. I am not a Mullah but I am just as much of Muslim as any Mullah. I cannot exchange any thing for commandments of Allah(SWT) because I claim to believe that he my lord. secondly you have never found the answer to your question of most religious scholars opposing Pakistan movement is because that question based on math and lies spewed by secular elite. Most religious scholars supported Pakistan movement but secular and anti Islam forces generalize just because some renowned scholars opposed Pakistan they say opposed Pakistan creation they called Qauid Kafir Azam and all that rhetoric. they don’t realize that Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani who was leader of Muslim league was also an Islamic scholar and he also led Qauid-e-Azam funeral.just look at Pakistan today who owns and defends this country at every form is it religious scholars and religious oriented people or the secular’s you will find answer some day Inshallah I will write a piece on that lie and myth as well. May Allah guide us all to the right Path.Ameen

  6. i respect your thoughts about pakistan and islam. everyone has own grave yard. islam gives the lesson of equality. you just imagine for an instant, that today the people of pakistan are equal? does every nation in pakistan enjoying equal rights?if not, then why you people label pakistan in the name of islam, our government treated bangalees as a second degree civilian,what was the purpose of creation of one unit? in my point of view, if pakistan was created as a secular country, now we would in competition with USA and other progressive countries in the field of technology and economy. so plz, grow up now, and think for the future of pakistan.

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