Of the Kamra Reaction

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Here we are, ready for another wave of bloodshed. There was always the pressure, now there’s a provocation.

What actually matters to us? Blood? Lives? Huh. That’s cute. As Kamra was unfolding, so was the psyche of a segment of the Pakistani population, on social media and on TV. The war, and the blood, seems to have made them irritable, angry, and ready for the fight.

It only seems a modern man or modern society, is incapable of independent thought. They eat up what is fed to them, and a certain narrative has been in great supply for quite some time now.

It’s not the killing that will serve as catalyst for what’s to come next. There’s plenty of killing everywhere in Pakistan. Is it the barbarity? Severed heads are used for football practice somewhere else. It is only the spotlight, the high profile and the politics. The politics is what drives us. Without the politics mutilated bodies don’t warrant discussion and without the high profile a bloody Ramadan night isn’t worth comment.

So spare me the emotion, and yes! There WAS emotion!! Abuse, not just towards the Taliban, but towards plenty of their “sympathizers” – mixed with grandiose declarations of war. We have a mess on our hands yes, but it’s a war that’s been declared before.

It’s been how many years since we grew tired of this war? If memory serves there was a yearning for peace and there were peace agreements. Then there was Swat, and we have been tugging along since. How long before we reach that point again?

Let’s be honest in our assessment of what’s going to happen. The long desired operation in North Waziristan, best case scenario, quashes the TTP presence there. They disperse into neighbouring agencies, but many go into Afghanistan, as was the case in Swat.

There they regroup, and attack us from time to time, as is the case with Swat. “Safe Havens” exist on both sides of the Durand Line.

The TTP is but one faction, albeit the most notorious one, while the Taliban are a different, more daunting proposition.

The most powerful nation in the world, with around 40 allied countries, sits across the border unable to conquer the Afghan version. In fact, the US has stopped trying to conquer, and is now more focused on containing. And if the strategy of containment is the best US and NATO and whoever else is there can hope for, what exactly is on our mind?

Since I am being honest let me state another fact, however ill-timed it maybe. This was Musharraf’s war, a dictator’s war; the military’s war! Critiques of the army never criticize it for this. Amazing, isn’t it?

But now it’s getting personal. There is an ever more vocal outrage, there is finger pointing and there is plenty of animosity. Attitudes are changing, thanks to years of dying and killing, and emotional rallying cries to boot.

So here we are; ready to fight a war that is “our own”. Here to prolong our dying and killing for a few more years. Rallying cries galore.

Just a little about that. The war won’t be fought by me or you, and it never mattered if it was ours or not. It was always going to be fought, and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been going on for years.

Kamra wasn’t an isolated incidence and an act of wanton, unexpected, aggression by the TTP. There is trouble in Orakzaiin Kurram, in Khyber. North Waziristan isn’t exactly the last refuge of the TTP. However, it is an opportunity, an opportunity we look determined to squander already. As momentum gathers for the push against TTP, there is also confusion and infighting.

There are those who want to broaden the fight and take on all Taliban factions – because the more militants out to kill us, the better. As stated earlier, they believe that we are bound to succeed where the rest of the world including the super powers have failed.

Others mock the very soldiers they eagerly want to “do more” because everything American, even a slogan, has to be our own. One group wants to eradicate the evil of militancy but they are not prepared to pay the cost. Apparently it’s shocking that the TTP would dare an attack, and that in itself is a failure of security forces.

Hate to break it to you, but it’s a bloody war! What do you expect? Your enemy will roll over and die because you are annoyed? War is ugly business, and this particular enemy now has a presence “Khyber se Karachi tak”. So this will continue. More attacks will take place, more finger pointing, more anger, more emotion; more death.

Meanwhile, for some, talking about peace is sympathizing with the terrorists. So buckle up, “our war” isn’t going to get any prettier.

Ali Ahmed

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Ali Ahmed is a Lahori in Islamabad, a student and an entrepreneur. He blogs about Pakistan

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  1. very good piece the more loyal than king secular fringe has always supported occupation of Muslim countries and there views about terrorism like there master United States are very hypocritical and full of double standards.

  2. good analysis! We are part of a big game plan. War or peace is not our choice. We are obliged to work for our masters unless we show any signs of change in our attitudes, self determination and self respect through education.

  3. well written ….

    “It only seems a modern man or modern society, is incapable of independent thought. They eat up what is fed to them, and a certain narrative has been in great supply for quite some time now”.

    the most “unrealised” of modern world … sad sad ….

  4. An excellent analysis

  5. The beggars can not be a chooser, the great game is been played since 1979 at our door step.
    incidentally we choose to site with USA and SA, ignoring the far cry of KPP leaders and people….we have been driven by our leaders yearning to maintain an army, we can’t afford on our own resources and thus plunging the country into financial-colonialism of USA.
    With no money to pay for the running expanses of the GoP and Army, we had to tow the line thrown at us….
    In today’s environment, every Pakistani leader had followed the same line….
    The war has not yet peaked, the TTP and their brethren across the border are waiting for foreigners to retreat and then they would unleash the terror….not fathom by the Allies and their corny in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And they have popular support as well, mainly because the Pakhtoons were marginalized, consequently the TTP and element can melt down in the crowd as has happened in Waziristan. It is the holy war, which will annihilate our resources and youth as it did to the Europe back in history. The only way out is by forcing the like of JI and MMA to declare their position on to the stance of TTP action on Pakistan Strategic Assets. They do not declare this act as an act against the Islam, because they drive their strength from these outlaws. Why Qazi and Munawar Hassan can roam around without any fear of reprisal……We need to marginalized the Mullahs of all sects as were done for the priest back in 15 century, only then any sense would prevail in our ranks…

  6. if we just keep blaming others nothing is going to change and things are bound to get even worst. stop blaming the leaders even because they are enjoying and would continue to. let us do our bit. ” DO YOUR BIT TO FEEL BETTER”

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