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A few days ago I quite ‘accidentally’ happened to attend an event arranged by Baithak School Team. I had never heard of them before but it was only my fault that I was so unaware of this great task which is ideally the responsibility of the state and is so perfectly flourishing on volunteer basis.

A group of ladies, fresh graduates from Karachi University in 1996 joined hands to share what they so far had been earning. This give away was not the alms or charity but education. These young females had realized that in order to nourish the minds of less or rather under privileged fellow citizens, education is the main food. By enabling them to learn and read with no compromise on quality, a self-realization was to be given. This self realization would be pivotal to success in their lives. Thus not only teaching them but training them to be social leaders in their own domain. ‘Baithak Schooling System’ also aims at bringing Islamic values into daily lives of individuals to flourish a healthy society.

Within the span of sixteen years, that one room small school has been converted into a fully functional schooling network by the name of Baithak School Network which is now running more than 150 such small scale schools country wide.

I was really impressed to see that a fully dedicated group running the show, is not only devoted and determined but also sincere in their efforts and tasks. A proper team is functional behind the scene which has not only worked for the schools but also has developed into an NGO by the name ‘Society for Educational Welfare’. SEW is not only working to develop a standardized syllabus throughout the country but also have trained the staff in order to work with the similar methods employed in other standard schools. Apart from academic teachings, many skills are taught to the students which enable them to earn while learning. The Baithak Network is working for the betterment of people at community level. This skill training helps in entrepreneurship, aiming to raise the living standards of poor families.

This system has been catering boys and girls simultaneously, though the number of girl student is 4 times more than boys. These students belong to less privileged and poor class of society thus the funds are arranged through charity from kind hearted people and organizations from all over the world. I met some parents as well who were nothing but appreciative of the environment provided for education and good grooming of their children.

It is important for us all who are privileged and graced with higher and professional education to come forward and play our role towards education, by not only providing monetary assistance but also physically and intellectually volunteering our time and energies. As it indeed is time to pay off what we owe to our country and nation.

I was so charged after attending this beautiful evening that I jotted down some tips which might be helpful:

  • Each one teach one
  • Little time volunteered in routine for the neighborhood (if any such school is present, else go where help is needed).
  • Adopting a student (a very affordable amount per month or per year is calculated)
  • Adopting a school (small level to any level depending upon affordability)
  • Providing professional assistance
  • Providing uniforms, books etc

The above mentioned suggestions might be achievable at an individual level, but at bigger level, organizations, institutes, schools, colleges or universities can formulate such programs to enforce community education and welfare programs mandatory for students, members or employee. They can also adopt schools and put them under their umbrellas.

Once again hats off to the Baithak and SEW team and all those who are anonymously striving for the noble cause. Our efforts should be aimed towards an educated, respectful, proud and self reliant nation. For such endeavor it is not important to take a big start; a clear vision with dedication and devotion is enough to make a small seedling grow into a strong tree.


Farhat Bukhari

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A dentist and a teacher by profession, but posses a free soul thus a dreamer, a poet at heart and a passionate admirer of humanity.

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  1. Thank you Dr Farhat for writing such a wonderful article. Extremely glad to hear that you enjoyed the function. We would love to welcome you at our office too! Whenever you have time, do pay us a visit.

  2. Its very nice to know that underprivileged kids are being taken care off in a society where people illegally possess inherited properties of their own blood. Great job!! Hope you’ll write more to enlighten us all…

  3. Masha Allah what great achievement by people working together and giving of themselves. Reading this article and hearing of the Baithak School inspires one to do likewise and give freely to those in need. Great Idea I love it ! Each one teach one ! I think we can all do that where ever we are in the world, and may what we teach to others benefit us all in this life and in the hereafter !

  4. well done! Farhat ….gud going n keep it up.. its v inspirational

  5. Dr. Bukhari, thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring effort. We definitely need many more like this in Pakistan. And also we need people like you to share their experiences and thoughts through media and blogs etc so as not only to encourage to the current lot but also to inspire others too. The propagation of such efforts is as important too.
    Very well done Baithak and Sew ! Very well done Dr. Bukhari.

  6. Good job doc! I am truely impressed and quite like the idea of ‘Each one teach one’.

  7. It is a wonderful appreciation of a cause worth undertaking. The suggestions are practical. Do the needful and with clear mind and leave the results to Allah. Congratulations to Baithak and SEW and thanks to Dr. Farhat

  8. Super concept, Amazing, Inspirational indeed … Salute to “founding fathers” and to all contributors!!

  9. doable ideas, inshaAllah hopefully i ll try to contribute, thanx for sharing 🙂

  10. Good going Keep it up!!!

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