Malala – A Victim of Evil Desires

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A journalist tweeted yesterday “Why Malala and why NOW?”

And it speaks volumes. The innocent girl became a victim of some people’s evil desires; desire to rule the world, a desire to dictate one’s own terms and conditions and a desire to create chaos. The horrific incident of shooting Malala and other two girls is barbaric to the core.

A million dollar question certainly is that who is Ahsanullah Ahsan and why on earth his calls are never tracked. Why does he take blame on himself (i.e. TTP) whatever the incident is and always manages to call international media but no one bothers to trace out who is he in reality.

But before that we need to focus on ‘Why Malala’ question? The innocent brave girl was made an icon against Taliban by all those who sit in their drawing rooms commenting on social media and TV channels while remaining within their comfort zones. Her stories were recorded by BBC Urdu and published as a diary. She was purposely brought to limelight to make her a symbol.  The role of media in bringing Malala to limelight and promoting her out of proportion was surprising. Poor girl was used for media ratings. To serve the vested interests, they put the life of innocent girl at risk. She became a target for the terrorists. Even now, media is surely serving someone else’s purpose by giving the issue a lot of twists and turns.

‘Why Now’? The timing is also very crucial. Exactly when the entire world was getting breaking news about drone attacks and questioning the legitimacy of such attacks, suddenly Malala was attacked, she was identified first and then targeted and all of a sudden all the pro US policies, pseudoliberals started talking about Waziristan operation and legitimising illegal drone strikes.

An important thing to note is that the leader of Swat Taliban, Mullah Fazlullah reportedly hides in Afghanistan and operates with the cooperation of US/Afghan forces; so if Taliban of Swat are responsible for this attack, they are operating from Afghanistan and not Waziristan. Why there is never a drone strike across the border, not that I am demanding it, but it’s logical that US definitely has a dubious agenda in the region.

The case looks quite simple; another event in Swat to make grounds for another military operation. Previously it was a fake video, and now the ‘tool’ was an innocent 14 year old girl. The quick and strong condemnation from USA (by President Obama and Hillary Clinton) gives a message in itself. Drone attacks would be portrayed as essential, by citing that government of Pakistan is unable to protect its own citizens from terrorist activities.

The role of government is deplorable. Governments are supposed to protect their citizens, in which our government has terribly failed. Blaming terrorists and arranging air ambulance is not the solution. Government should take complete responsibility of protecting its citizens.

Malala is an asset for the nation. Whether its Malala, Aafia Siddiqui, missing persons, drone attacks , suicide bombs, target killings in Karachi and elsewhere, Pakistanis are at the suffering end.

Dr Shahid Masood quite reasonably asked the people who pick and choose cases for condemnation, if those who are killed in drone attacks are not plastic toys. We are being killed for no reason. The only way out is to get out of this American war. We must not put more and more lives at risk.


Muhammad Saad Khan

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. 1. Across the United States, over 2,500 Americans under the age of 18 have reportedly been sentenced to life without parole for crimes committed during their adolescent years.
    2. People in balochistan are getting same treatment from agencies for their kids if their kids do the same.
    3. If someone pays a 10yrs kid with a pistol to shoot someone .. that 10yr old kid goes into Juvenile’s Jail in US too…
    4. I have symapthy for her … but she actually played in hands of NGOs and wrote propaganda against Mujahideen…. The NGOs … who dont enter even 1-inch water of flood areas and use all resources to spy against pakistan (thanks to Nawaz Sharif who kicked out hundreds of these NGO spies in his last tenure). These events are last ditch efforts by US and allies plus secular/liberal ImranKhan & comanpy to defame Mujahideen who couldnt be defeated infact defeating U.S for more time even than vietnam!!!

    … and remember Geo-TV is a FITNA …

  2. Nicely written usual….no words for appreciation..
    The world stands with Malala and all Pakistanis that stand with her…It is time that we should unite against these beasts…

  3. If Mullah Fazlullah hides in Afghanistan? then military operation is going to be against whom?

  4. great piece.i m an indian and follow lot of obser is that the day these parasitical vulture calld libaral is thrown out and exposd,situation wll start imprvng nt only in pak bt world wide.if power and destruction flow frm the barrel of terrorist gun,same amount of lies,filth flow from the mouth of pak liberal.great great work them intellectually till they run out of santuary.

  5. Very true; The true voice of my heart
    Brilliantly written

  6. Pathetic article. Typical Jamati stuff!
    Drones, Amrika and conspiracy theories.
    Shame on you!!!!

  7. yes,it is nothing more than a drama like other dramas of america,just to justified their drones attack and reasoning for an other operation.
    I feel deep sorrow not because america planning against us but because our people,our nation,majority speak against their own country.they have no sence of rite or wrong, they just speak what media put in their minds.i spend life also outside the pakistan,but i came back because
    1) I feel security here more than in other countries,i can go on my job alone without fear,
    2) I can live here as i have a true feeling of independence
    .if n see with open mind,no other country give full independence to their people.
    At some countries female can not cover her face even she want some countries she cannot open the face but in pakistan every female do what she want cover face or not .
    In other countries we cannot obey our religion if we obey other call us fundamentalist but in pakistan every person of any religion feel no difficulty,here their are churchs,manders,and others.
    In other countries they preffer their own citizen either case of merit for job or case of legal matter even if u r rite ,in pakistan no such preferance for own citizen.surly their are also bad things here but whatever badis in pakustan,alsi present in each and every country of world at some places more at some places less.
    “Donot forget what happen in burma.”

  8. Well partially I do agree and as usually partially not. I think that this girl did really speak up her mind. After all women in the West lived surpressed for centuries and even now in some cultures its not much better or say other extremes occur. So the day comes when they will speak up for themselves in Pakistan, India, wherever else.

    I agree however that media are using stories to manipulate people.

    But can you give me legitimate source for a person like Fazlullah working together with the Americans? Isn’t this another misinformation, conspiracy theory in the air?

  9. This article looks like a bunch of confused thoughts.

    Yes, Malala is a symbol (doesn’t matter who made her the symbol) but that is exactly the point here. Taliban attacked someone who symbolizes progress. This is what we need to understand. Taliban are not attacking US, they are attacking progress in Pakistan!

    For why now? Lets not forget that if it was 2 years back, you would have made the same point “Drone attacks are on the rise”

  10. really nice….. wonderful article

  11. @Irfan Hassan: Oh please! When was the last time you spoke up against american murdering those inside pakistan? We all know for a FACT that 400+ CHILDREN have been killed due to drones and that american spies work under the cover of NGO’s! So please wake up from your dream and fight this crusade against muslims. It ain’t a conspiracy theory its a reality….How ironic that a pakistani would support americans killing pakistani! Clearly shows which side you are on…….

  12. @Bilal..Not really…He wrote “Exactly when the entire world was getting breaking news about drone attacks (Imran Khan’s successful Peace March) and questioning the legitimacy of such attacks, suddenly Malala was attacked”
    Thats what makes the situation lot more suspicious

  13. Nice piece Saad, this cowardly act of attacking an innocent girl is not without a purpose. and as rightly pointed out, bringing that girl into limelight was also not without a purpose. these are very well thought out plans which have a sinister purpose. the timing of this shooting is also a well thought out scheme. what amazes me is how come attempt on one life get so much public attention but what is the fault of hundreds of kids who die everyday due to drone attacks? they hardly get a mention. this is not to undermine this attack on this innocent girl but to bring attention to those who are getting killed every day. i happened to meet few of the family members who have horrible tales to tell about their loved ones, no matter how strong at heart you are, one ends up crying for those who lost their lives in cold blood. spare a thought for those kids too!

  14. I don’t know if i have to comment on it … i believe it was very well written … agreement and disagreement is in the hand of each reader ….. i don’t know why we are not saying anything about the other two girls that are injured in the attack … they have the equal right to live as MALALA have….. you are living in a world where you should not expose your self too much …. i am not saying you to b coward ….. but to be a realistic ….. keep you struggle against these Barbarians …. i support you/her on the issue but use the brain …. sometimes the media twist your stories too much they give you too much space they make you Hero from Zero …. which i believe should not be done …. i don’t blame US for the incident …these are people within our society ….you blame Taliban for each incident ….so that no one else will be blamed …no investigation no nothing just simply blame them … the scare for me is that our agencies tape your phone calls which the thing are “Suspicious” but never trace these Terik-e-taliban calls …… they operated FM radio from Sawat but they don’t shut it down ….they lived side by side with the Army in SAWAT but they never noticed what they are doing until the pressure from the outside world …. ever though WHY????

  15. Their purpose is clear to the one who is trying to dig out all this .Q1. How quick the responsibility was taken by TTP, Q 2 , How quick the response from USA followed by Paki media & Govt.?
    Q3, Election year in USA & Pakistan in relation to this attack. Q4, Who will be beneficiary for this ?

  16. an eye opener – well written – this is first time that I read your article – and will continue reading – thanks

  17. Drones do not need Justification, these are operated by America who destroyed Iraq ignoring UN resolutions.
    Stop believing in conspiracies and accept the fact that entire tribal belt is a no go area for our Army do you have any justification for that?

  18. For your information the calls are traced but these calls originate from those areas where our Army cannot go , so no use of tracing the call. Its not you back yard that you will trace the call and nab the culprit , its a no go area my friend.

  19. Well done!!

  20. well expressed.more important than the question of who attacked malala is the hypocritical behaviour of the media, as its as much powerful tool as education for which malala stood up.the west never was and never will be our friend, but our own media selectively deaf and mute,the 69 children killed in bajaur when drone atttacks started and the numerous killings of innocent children to date? they are every bit as pakistani and ‘symbol of our nation’s future’ as malala. no one speaks up for them people supporting operation in wazirizstan and drone attacks shut their eyes to it as ‘collateral damage’. we’ll have to stop blaming the west.well the West couldn’t care less if malala or any other innocent dies, that is in pakistan, not within the US of course, that would be Terrorism with a capital T.we are are easy prey and thats a fact.still we push all this aside by simply branding it as a ‘conspiracy theory’.i wonder if the drones dropped bombs on our homes and killed our children and siblings, will we still be calling it conspiracy and collateral damage?

  21. yes this could be the case..but here i am not going to blame Taliban or we have done this too much and we know what are they upto,but look the role of media,not only in this case..there are many..after every such accident they say talbian has admitted,where this news come from,who are their sources,if they can make contact with them that easly so why not point them never cares about pakistan image,they just need a news to make money,but they should not be allow to do so,as they makes people minds..and we know how they are doing this..our media is showing no responsiblity,they are free to say/do what they want to…

  22. May you perish with such drone targets as Ahsan and Fazlullah. How dare you use the story of an innocent girl to project your own fears of the “media” (as if media is an animal). Move to Waziristan: I can arrange to let you a house and let the drones do their job.
    BTW drone strikes are not illegal: our own government has agreed to them. Alhamdolillah. As the Pujabis say “laraka larki raazi to kiya kare ga qazi”.
    Welcome to Waziristan, Land of the Drones

  23. we pakis r in a strange dilama.not quite sure who is responsible for wt z happening around us. why Malala z highlighted so much.many like malala have been slaughtered in this game.yes game. every one knows that the giant evil who has taken the responsibilty of socializing human race nd uprooting the evils z directing this game. paying everyone for his assigned role.
    wake up pakis plz wake up….

  24. human rights organizations have confirmed that drone strikes have left dozens of innocent civilians dead, women, and children. Whenever it’s America, that has killed Pakistani girls by their drones, all we hear is a justified pretext, no condemnation, and no real outpouring of anger or outrage.

    The reality is that both the actions of the Pakistani Taliban and the American drone strikes, are as reprehensible as each other, both are leaving innocent Pakistan girls maimed and dead, and both are shattering innocent lives. Yet the ground reality doesn’t work like that, because when America does it, it’s justified, but when the big bad evil Taliban do it, that’s terrorism and barbarism, and indeed it is. But the point I’m trying to reach at, is that BOTH acts must be classed as evil and barbarism, we cannot say that when one side does it (Taliban), that it’s evil, but when the other side does it (America), it’s justified and for a good cause.

  25. […] of a girl, some years senior to the child who filled my universe just minutes ago. I am filled with sadness for Malala, for her family, for us as humanity in general and for us as Muslims in particular. A familiar […]

  26. Agreed !There appear to be many loopholes in the whole scenario and more then what ,meets the eye!

    If observed, who is gaining the most mileage from this sad dastardly attack.Then the greatest hype can be noticed to have taken in the US and by their media.They are exploiting it to the maximum.Maddona of all the people dedicated a song during a concert and made a speech narrating the whole episode and what was noticeable in her speech was telling the crowd “recognize aren’t we lucky”. Meaning the American should thank their government for having protected them by launching the WOT blah blah .

    It is highly naive to think ,that for such an attack any trained group of terrorist network could be needed.These type of criminal acts can easily be the work of local thugs hired to create panic.She was traveling in an ordinary open unguarded school van.Any hoodlum could have been assigned to take the potshots at her.Just like in Karachi,Peshawar and Quetta.Everyday similar acts are taking place by the criminal mafia and the fight for turf groups.

    If she was such an important icon and had been receiving threats beforehand.Then why didn’t the government provide her with any security ?

  27. Stop Killing our Children should be the slogan !

    Those who attacked and critically injured Malala Yousafzai,a 14 year brave and courageous child from Swat, are barbaric,cowards and inhuman…They deserve the most severest of punishment ever.

    But then how should one term those,who are doing the same sitting seven seas across, with a T.V screen in front of them and a Joystick in their hand ?….

    The Assassin Drones have killed more innocent,men,women and children, all over where they are operating in country’s beyond their own border.How should one differentiate in this respect to the killings at the hands of terrorist group or network?

    May Allah bless Malala and the other two girls who got injured with her, with good health and a long prosperous and joyful happy life.Ameen

  28. I fully support Pakistani ppl’s desire for sovereign & territory integrity, however the author’s great effort in making excuses for terrorist as well as lack of sympathy for Malala & a hidden disdain for her cause make me wonder if he is part of the problem. As a rule terrorism usually can not thrive in a country without passive supporters/pseudo-apologists among the elite like the author.

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