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In the world of advanced technologies, where inventions get obsolete everyday due to rapid innovations, where the modernization is the change which is constantly revolutionizing our lives, we the Pakistanis still spend only 2.21% of GDP on the education. I feel this is like the condition of a human half paralyzed, despite of knowing the cure he does not struggle to obtain it. It has been 64 years to our independence but still half of the nation is unable to read & write even in their local languages. Whereas the remaining nation categorized as literate is the majority who hardly meet the definition of educated. That implies that they actually can read and write but are not aware of their basic rights, duties & responsibilities towards their families, neighbourhoods & especially towards the nation. 

In April 2010, Article 25A, “Right to Education” was inserted into the constitution of Pakistan as a part of 18thamendment. The article says that the state shall provide free & compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by the law. But if we look at our government funded primary, secondary, and some of the higher educational institutions, we can’t even find “state” & “education” anywhere and if we move towards private education providers, we find it so much expensive that it goes beyond the reach of a common person.

According to a survey, 10 million of children are engaged in child labour. They are not even provided basic education. This is a double figure for the rural areas where children are forced to work in fields. This part of our nation will become a burden for the country in some years causing an increase in the illiteracy rate and also become useless due to a technological change as they would not be competent enough for the future jobs. If we presume that they will adapt the same thinking in future as their fore fathers did in the past then they would most probably do the same with their next generation by constraining them from education. If this happens, then definitely the percentage of illiteracy will be multiplied by two.

Half of our nation is deprived of a very basic need which is the education, solution of the majority of our country’s problem. It looks like now it has become impossible to resolve this issue of illiteracy unless we join our hands and take practical steps for educating the masses.

It is high time we stood for the cause of education. We have to fight the war against the illiteracy before fighting any other war. We have to make it possible, as it is the need of the day. To change the current scenario and to amend the future, we need to give special importance to this task and for that we have to realize that it is our responsibility.

While delivering a speech to the constituent assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947 Mr. Jinnah said,

“I am sure that with your support and co-operation, I can look forward to Pakistan becoming one of the greatest nations of the world”.

Let us own his dream and make it our goal.

Yasir Ahmed Khan

About the author

Yasir Ahmed Khan is an an ACCA student from Karachi. Teaching is his passion. He sees an educated Pakistan as the only long term solution of all the issues facing the country.

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  1. Pakistan needs people like you. Education is a key to development of human rights and economy.

    But you also should build national identity in FATA, where I am not sure if people have sense of state fidelity, to which set of values they are faithful to. Even education won’t change it, normally from a tribal mentality to being a nation it takes several centuries. So they may be people with good education, computers and still tribal mentality.

  2. salam dear i want to make it clear, can u plz elaborate me that the fee which students (under 16) are paying at the time of admission and then at the time of exam ,is it also dont pay by parents?????? r u talking about that????

  3. Dear Mashkoor Junejo

    Yes no admission fee is required but as per now it is a part of law that no fee would be charged and education would be free till the age of 16.

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