Kashmir – The Forgotten Struggle

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People say children get so many things from their parents, I agree. I think I got the love for Kashmir from my mother. I remember when I was little and news about Kashmir used to be aired on PTV daily. Every time with the news of killings and disappearing of Kashmiris, my mother would raise her hands and start praying for Kashmir. And as she prayed, tears would start flowing from her eyes. She would close her eyes and stay silent for some time. At that time I used to stare at her, without knowing the realities of life, without knowing the pain of losing the loved ones, without knowing how cruel this world is. But love for Kashmir was in my blood and as I grew up this love grew too. At times, I would imagine myself sitting on some mountain top in Kashmir with Kashmiris, being a part of their struggle. But even not being able to actually join them didn’t affect my love for them.

Kashmir is a forgotten conflict. The general misconception about Kashmir is that the sufferings of Kashmiris started after 1947. If you are one of them you should read about July 13, 1931. Britain’s Channel 4’s latest documentary on Kashmir; Kashmir’s Torture Trial is a brilliant effort to highlight the torture faced by Kashmiris. But Kashmiris will tell you that what’s happening in Kashmir is many times more than what this documentary shows. The worst is yet to be disclosed.

Despite all the love I have for Kashmiris, I think they have the right to be disappointed with Pakistan and Pakistanis, because we have not helped them how we should have. Giving India ‘Most Favourite Nation’ status made me feel guilty if I see through the eyes of a Kashmiri. We did nothing for them on the government level. Although people of Pakistan often talk about UN resolutions and that India should act upon those resolutions but we hardly hear such statements from our foreign office or any other representative of government. And recently Social Media Mela held in Karachi 2012 tried to made fun of Kashmiris by showing a ‘meme’ of Shakeel Ahmed Bhatt, distorting Shakeel’s story and giving it an ugly caption further humiliating the Kashmir cause. This not only hurt the emotions of Kashmiris, but it also made other Pakistanis guilty and embarrassed. We all love Kashmir conveyed this message to Kashmiris by trending #WeLoveKashmir on twitter. A common Pakistanis loves Kashmir, just like he loves Pakistan.

All Kashmir want from the world is to recognize their struggle for independence, their right of self determination, support them and see the ugly face of the so called ‘proud democracy’ of Asia. I’d leave you with the question, a Kashmiri asked at the end of Kashmir’s Torture Trial (Channel 4 Documentary),

“If the human being is one and the same, you have two eyes, I have two eyes, you have one nose, I have one nose, you have two ears, I have two ears, why is there discrimination of peace? You have peace, why don’t I have peace?”

Ambreen Ejaz

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Ambreen Ejaz is a proud Muslim, ex-nationalist, now a firm believer in one Ummah. A psychologist in the making.

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  1. So if you are an “ex-nationalist” & you have a “special focus” on Kashmir for freedom…doesn’t that make you contradicting your own rules.

    Here, let me explain how you are a nationalist – you support the freedom of Kashmir, rightly so, even I do. But since you labelled me incorrectly, as amongst the 180 million Pakistanis who do not favor the struggle for Kashmir anymore.; I lost interest in your article. Because I do support them as Muslim brothers & sisters in pain. How does that make me any less Pakistani or any less important…? Did I vote for this incompetent, incumbent, & corrupt government???? No. And there must be a lot of other Pakistanis like me who didn’t.

    Let’s ask this theoretically…if you voted for this government, then you have favored India…theoretically. Does this make you a hypocrite or a traitor or both??? See, this is how one feels when you label “Pakistanis” as disappointing…!

    And coming back to nationalism, if you have “tremendous” amount of love in your heart for Kashmir, then you become a nationalist. Since you judged other Pakistanis by this current government, I judge you by this article, and your humorous little signature.

    Don’t underestimate us. We have been put in a severe test of faith by Allah. We have the most corrupt & the criminal of all criminals as our President, and why not. Look around us…just a couple of days back – IN RAMADAN, a girl was paraded naked in the streets of Muzaffarabad. Wasn’t an earthquake in 2005 enough? Or the flood of 2009? Without Allah’s will nothing is possible, not even a leaf can fall from the tree on this earth, so why are Muslims so oppressed??? Because we have mistakes. Two Hadith have been rightly published by the Dar Us Salam printing press (Saudi Arabia), pointing towards Pakistan as a blessed nation. In time only can it be proven, InshAllah

    Sorry I don’t hold this article in good regards, because you have stereotyped rest of the “Pakistanis” who do support the freedom of Kashmiris.

    Nationalism is the love for one’s country or nation. It is haram in Islam, I’m pretty sure you know that.

  2. A magnificent piece sister! The new thing which I learned from this piece was the way pro-Indian Secular’s shamelessly ridiculed The braveheart Struggle of Kashmirs for Their independence and tried to humiliate them it just shows how hypocritical and shallow they are when it comes to human rights Their love starts from the oppressor India and ends at the oppressed Kashmiri Brothers of ours. They greet and even celebrate independence day of India and salt the wounds of Kashmiris but never express solidarity with Kashmiris instead they ridicule them to please their indian friends they are embarrassment for our country.

  3. Why don’t I have PEACE? what beautiful and simple way of making one your point and making one to think! Bravo for your effort Ambreen. But sister i do have reservations for what you said up there about Kashmiri people being disappointed with people and government of Pakistan! Ambreen if you have lived in the country, can you not see how the commoner feels for the people of the ‘Jannat Nazeer’ valley! I am a commoner and my heart goes out for all my muslim brothers and sisters where ever they are being oppressed, be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma etc!
    And one more thing…..the commoner of Pakistan is also very much disappointed with their governments and media for a long time. We all know that these people in power are not the true representatives of the people ….the majority of population making Pakistan. How can you not realize that whatever mess we the Pakistan as a nation are in today is due to the same reason. The media only shows what it wants to show, and who they are working for! its all about money. And as long as anyone can remember, all of our childhood has been spent, seeing Pakistan (nationally and internationally) making efforts for free and fair elections//plebiscite in Kashmir! while the rest of the world was busy sleeping a deep sleep! From amongst the commoners, many went to fight along with their brothers. Same is the case when the our Afghan brothers were facing USSR. No matter what the political moves were or are, the people of Pakistan have always been openly with their brothers!
    Today when we blame government or media, we have to take responsibility as well. The question asked today is also to be asked to our own individual selves that why do i not have peace? And the only answer which i can come up with is that we have not done justice to our own religion thus ultimately upon ourselves, as muslims! Since the day, I/You/We have lost our true link to the teachings of Quraan and Sunnah we have been in a miserable and oppressed state through out the world. Why do we think that reading Quraan and chanting surahs in Arabic is all what our religion is? Why have we and our older generation forgotten to seek understanding of our deen and pass it on to the coming generations? Why we don’t know what Allah swt wants to say to us? Why we always rely upon few people when the real source is right there in EVERY MUSLIM HOUSEHOLD? Why have we forgotten that Allah swt has time and again promised His people the ‘Mu’mineen’ to stick themselves to Allah swt and they will never be in distress nor will be unhappy, as Allah swt has and will always help those who make efforts in His way. Why have we forgotten Allah swt’s help during the time of Ghazwa-e-Badr? 315 against 1000 and still the mere 315 were victorious….why? Because “waa’tasimu bihablillahi jami’aa wala tafarraqu”… hold on to the rope of Allah strongly and not be divided(hold to qur’an and hadith) Quran says in surah al aanam! This is the reason. We are not behaving as one body one soul!
    This holds true for the entire Muslim Ummah and it starts right from our own individual household! So please lets not play blame games anymore and try to pick ourselves from the fallen state we are in an shed all those waswasaaz of hurt and anger and lets learn how to know what Allah wants to say to us and then try to grab hold of Allah’s rope and remain steadfast, leaving the rest in His divine hands! As Muslims we have a strong faith, Allah will always be with us so why look for appreciation/recognition/or help from others!!!

  4. I do appreciate the facts which you have highlighted in the article but the term’ Ex-Nationalist’ in your intro , makes me wonder …

    And with due respect , i feel myself standing with Nauman Malik , because since my childhood till yet , i have seen EVERY PAKISTANI praying for the Freedom and Betterment of Kashmiris And we , with all our love, feel the pain as it is our own.
    Though we may blame the Govt. for not putting maximum efforts towards the resolution of Kashmir’s Dispute.
    But here Again — We all know , the Recent Govt. , or make it like , All the Governments so far , have done NOTHING GOOD for the nation – But at individual level , we all are trying our levels best to play our part,

    May ALLAH grant Kashmiris the real FREEDOM for which they have been striving and sacrificing.
    May all MUSLIM UMMAH around the world , be blessed with Peace.

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