Hijab – A Responsibility

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A man’s perspective on Hijab usually raises eyebrows from the leftist elite. It might be termed as male chauvinism immediately. A lot of women will say that it is our business so men should stay away from it. Is it really so that men aren’t affected with what women wear? Some self proclaimed Islamic scholars will immediately say that men should lower  their gaze before they talk about women’s clothing and they do not need see a woman if they cannot control their urge. Well if lowering the gaze was the ultimate solution, why the Quran made hijab mandatory for Muslim women at all? The source of attraction is there after all, so Quran ordered both men and women to be modest.

Much has been written about the fundamental rights of Muslim women observing hijab. Salutes to sister Marwah Sherbini who embraced martyrdom for hijab. She was the victim of racist attitude just because she was a Muslim obeying the orders of Allah. Many more sisters have faced similar issues especially after 9/11, making the debate of hijab a political one as well. It is ironic that no one has objection over Christian nuns who cover themselves in a certain way dawn to dusk, even when they are amongst fellow nuns but a covered Muslimah attracts all criticism.

There is another dimension to it. Hijab is not merely a piece of cloth. It’s a way of life. It is an entire package which revolves around the character which is required to observe it. Expectations immediately arise from all those who are practicing hijab. Wearing a hijab or growing a beard, for that matter, shouldn’t automatically mean that you are safe  or cleansed from sins. But people around you are more judgmental and keenly observing your attitude. Most people won’t bother if a non-hijabi ‘muslim’ woman is drinking alcohol, but will definitely question the morals of a hijabi girl who is drinking alcohol. The attitude and behaviour of those observing hijab becomes very important. Some women, who observe hijab and clearly preach religion to others fail to practice it in their personal lives and as a result, repel people away from religion. We have hypocrites among us, having double standards for themselves and for others which are creating more problems. I have come across women wearing headscarf but having worst morals. A friend of mine usually say ‘yeh pardah kabhi kabhi apno’n se kia jata hey k koi pehchan na le’, pointing towards the dating couples in which females use veils to hide their identity.

Does it mean that hijab or religion is to blame? Certainly not! Hijab (and beard) should not be taken as a synonym for religiousity. A change in mindset is a prerequisite for hijab. If anyone observes it without realizing the real meaning, she is not doing justice with it. Hijab is never meant for oppression, it is meant for protection. The concept of hijab, pardah, abaya should be well understood and followed in letter n spirit.

Women are being objectified in multi billion dollar fashion industry and advertisement world. Call it liberty, but it is worst form of slavery and no doubt even hijabis are falling for this fashion buzz.  Hijab is becoming a fashion statement.  No, Hijab is not a fashion. It’s purpose is to protect a woman and not to make her more attractive.

Those who object the hijab also have some weird reasons. Some say that they don’t want to wear their religion on their sleeve, therefore, they are not observing hijab. Others are frightened of being judged as backward. Well, a Muslim should look like a Muslim from his or her turnout. That’s what he or she is; a Muslim. Religion is not something to hide or being shy about. So if a Muslimah is practicing hijab, it is not something very unique; she is supposed to do that. Hijab doesn’t mean she is very virtuous and pious. Intentions do matter a lot in these cases. The point I want to make is that don’t make it something too big or too extraordinary, observing hijab should be a normal practice for all Muslim women. But there should be an understanding that it is a complete lifestyle which brings a lot of responsibilities and obligations as Muslims.

The good thing is that hijab is growing and more and more women are opting for it. But my request would be don’t judge anyone on the basis of hijab. Its an obligation for Muslim women, don’t politicize it. And if someone is misusing these symbols, don’t generalize.

Muhammad Saad Khan

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. MashaAllah, wonderful post.

  2. A great piece by Saad Bhai!

  3. Wonderful article!
    I hope the message you have given in the end, reaches to everybody.

  4. Focused, clearly written & well explained article. Really nice!

  5. MashaAllah very nice article. May Allah give you reward for this dawah piece.

  6. MashAallah very nyc article…. May Allah bless u to always say truth like this . Stay blessed brother!

  7. Wonderful article.Among hijabi women 90% are pious &10% not ,while among non-hijabi women 10% pious &90% not

  8. Very well written Saad

  9. Great Article

  10. Nice article and nice points raised. Many women wear the hijab but deal with the opposite sex as if they were talking to other women. They don’t realize that men have to lower their gaze even if the woman is wearing the hijab.

  11. assalammu’alaikum, nice article ukhti…..keep istiqomah….Insya Allah.

  12. حناب سعد خان

    آپ کا یہ مضمون غیر مسلموں کےلئے خصوصی طور پر معلومات سے پر ہے اور امید کی جا تی ہے کہ کوئ بھی غیر مسلم اگر تعصب کو الگ رکھ کر یہ مضمون پڑہے گا تو اسے یقینآ اس سے خیر کا پہلو ملے گا ۔ اللہ آپ کو اس مضمون پر لکھنے کی چزائے خیر دے

  13. From a guys perspective I always have more respect for a woman if she’s wearing a hijab. Most women do it for themselves and aren’t forced into it. It’s done to declare ones faith

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