Gaza Bleeds

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Israel destroyed in few days what Palestinians built in years. But this War proved one thing __ Israel is not unconquerable. Israel has used its full military power but wasn’t able to defeat the hearts and minds of people of Gaza. Even after such a heavy destruction, the people of Palestine are steadfast and pursuing their dreams of liberation from the illegal occupation of Israel.This is the month of Muharram, a month of sacrifices.  A month which starts with martyrdom of Hazrat Umar (RA) (Conquerer of Al-Aqsa)  and reminds us the battle of Karbala in which grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was brutally martyred. 

This time, the battle field of Karbala is Gaza. 1.6 million people of Gaza are living in an open prison under Israeli blockade.  Can we think about a life in such a place where basic necessities of life are scarce and is constantly threatened by enemy strikes. 163 were brutally killed in a matter of few days and many more injured, including women and children, but they are not bowing down to Israel. Despite the propaganda of zionists that they are defending themselves, the spilling blood of Palestinians is evident that whats the real truth.

Social media played a vital role in bringing the issue into headlines. Palestinians were very active in it and Muslims all over the world helped them out. But facebook started showing its true face when it started blocking accounts and pages which were posting against Israel. The freedom of speech vanished for those who were standing with the victims of Gaza. But nontheless, brave Palestinians led the campaign  and showed the world the true face of Israel.

The role of of Pakistani media (electronic/print) was much deplorable. They totally remained aloof of the victims of Gaza and when they started airing/printing it, some of them were clearly standing with Israel. International media was expectedly inclined towards Israel. BBC and CNN were showing biased opinions. But it is a reality that entire world cannot be fooled for long by Israeli sponsored media.

USA was as usual on the side of oppressor while UNO kept mum. Israel has violated 65 UN resolutions  till date but no action has been taken against the oppressive country. Human rights organizations are raising voices but zionists and their backers are not listening to it.  OIC is still sleeping. Arab league is useless. So its left to ordinary people to raise their voices, help the poor victims and contribute towards the liberation of Palestine.

Majority of rulers of Muslim Ummah have probably forgotten this verse of Quran. Except Egypt, , Tunisia and Turkey, no one broke silence. Quran says:

“And what is [the matter] with you that you do not fight in the cause of Allah and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?” [Quran 4:75]

Not surprisingly, leftist(secular/liberal) elite of Pakistan decided to stand with Israel by taking refuge in the rhetoric that ‘Gaza is too far’ and ‘We have our own problems’. The answer is simple indeed, if we have our own problems, it does not mean that we  cannot talk about injustice and oppression going on in the world. We need to take practical steps to solve our issues, but we cannot ignore the violence going on in our surroundings. So do actions where  they are required (in Pakistan), and at least raise voice for those where you cant do anything more (in case for Gaza).
The most important thing is that we should not forget Gaza now. It should remain not only in our prayers but in our real life efforts. Palestinians need our help to rebuild what Israel has destroyed. They continuously need medical and food supplies. There should be more campaigns like that of ‘freedom flotilla’ for Gaza to help the innocent people. They are victims of brutal oppression and its time that we convert our words into actions.
Muhammad Saad Khan

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. May Allah accept these words in favor and provoke us to be stand with our brothers with all our efforts!

  2. Congratulation!! U made justice – may the power of your pen n words keep enlightening the masses –

  3. Israel destroyed in few days what Palestinians built in years. But this War proved one thing __ Israel is not unconquerable……I liked it very much….Thanx Saad for sharing such a beautiful piece of writing.:)

  4. Let those leftists know that we have to look at other’s problems as well before it becomes our own problem. If this is not stopped, then tomorrow will just be another day when any of our own neighboring country may get the backup from these Zionists and launch an attack on our soils as well. Verily, it is written on my Pakistani Passport that “This Passport is valid for all the countries in the world except Israel”. Therefore, they might as well someday feel terrorized by this statement….or may be something else may come up….who knows? Nib the evil in the bud…. this violence and hatred must be stopped right there and should be prevented from spreading out any further. However, on launching a blasphemous video or any cartoon etc, the muslim world (or most of the muslim countries) are very keen in launching riots and victimizing the foreign embassies and blocking the websites etc, but no such collective step has been taken to pressurize UNO or any other peacekeeping agencies/parties for the long standing issue of Palestine and Kashmir etc???? We are living with dual standards Saad Khan and if we continue to live like that then we deserve what is on the way for us (and we know it is something not good at all). By just circulating the emails, condemnations on the web and print media are not enough. We need something practical, as you also mentioned.

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