Froth upon the sea

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Islam is the second largest religion of the world with around 2 billion followers. It is the most practiced religion with followers in almost every part of the world.Its followers, Muslims, are generally very proud of their religious identity. But the plight of the Muslim nation,the Ummah as they call it, is not as it should be considering their size.

Being a Muslim, and especially a practicing one can sometimes be difficult.You will be the first one to be blamed if there is any bombing in a public place, you wont be accepted easily as an immigrant and you won’t be trusted easily.

The other and the probably the most disturbing fact is the “Decline of Muslim blood prices in the International market”. A phrase that can be used to describe the killings of innocent Muslims all over the world. Let it be Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Syria and now Myanmar, it is this very nation whose bloodshed can be justified by almost all laws of the ‘civilized world’. Whatever the reason be, Muslim lives are claimed in the name of ‘restoration of democracy and rights’ or ‘collateral damage’.

It looks like the saying of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were meant for today’s time.

“Very soon, other nations will invite others and fall upon you to attack and destroy you just like people while inviting others, fall upon a dish of food”. The companions of the Prophet (May ALLAH be pleased with them) asked ‘Oh Prophet of Allah (PBUH)! will this happen because we will be lesser in number at that time?’ “No.” The Prophet (PBUH) answered, “You will be great in number, but you will be likeĀ froth and scum like that carried down by a torrent (of water),. Allah will remove, from the hearts of your enemies, your awe and terror, and He shall fill your hearts with cowardice.” The companionsĀ  asked “What is cowardice?” and the Prophet (PBUH) “Love of the world, hatred for death,”

An authentic hadith recorded by Abu Dawud and Ahmad

Omar Khan Marwat

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