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The hue and cry of our Baloch brethren is strategically taken into account by the internationally recognized invaders and forces best known for occupying sovereign lands in the name self-defiance against national interests of the respective countries. However the hidden truth is contrary to the public reliance. These forces have their eyes on the undiscovered mineral treasures of Balochistan and tremendous potential for the natural shores of Arabian Sea touching Gawadar, the can-be energizer for the future of geo-political environment and economics of the region to safe guard the long haul interests of the super power.

The role of Pakistan’s conventional rival India, to destabilize the country is obvious with testimonies. It is in the interest of India to disintegrate the largest province from the federation of Pakistan to actualise its selfish dreams while compromising the humane right of every individual to live free, the atrocities of hers are well known in Kashmir. Those who relate the struggle of Kashmiris for rights of self-determination, chartered by the UN resolutions and a declared disputed territory with a separatist movement within recognized International borders of Pakistan are certainly not just.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s security forces hold the mandate duly vested by the constitution of Pakistan to curb any separatist movement arising in any part of the country to guard the Federation of our homeland. However, if the security forces and separatists are involved in extra judicial killings, abductions and torture cannot be condoned and are certainly condemnable to every possible extent. Such acts are undoubtedly crimes against humanity and the ultimate beneficiary is the enemy of the federation of Pakistan.

We, as a nation, should understand the dilemma of Balochistan and undertake the responsibility to help our brothers recover from the wounds. It is a fact the Baloch were deprived of basic necessities by all regimes who were in power since inception of Pakistan.  The role of Sardars as the hegemonistic benefactors of the wealth of Balochistan have led the commoners of the province to raise their voice to such an extent.

Iqbal narrates in one of his Urdu compilation Budhey Baloch ki nasihat apnay betay ko. (The advice of an old Baloch to his son) that is still relevant to the current times. He says


Ho teray bayaban ki havaa tujh ko gawara,

iss dasht se behtar hae na delhi na Bukhara

Winds of these wastelands be your love, Bokhara, Delhi are worth no more,

Afraad k haathon mae hae aqwam ki taqdeer,

Har fard hae millat kay muqaddar ka sitara

Fortunes of states through individuals prowess ripen, Each man one star of their ascendant,

Dunya ko hae phir Ma’arka e rooh o badan paish,

Tahzeeb nay phr apnay darindon ko ubhara

In our world when once more civilization looses its wild beasts,

in one more encounter spirit and flesh meet,

Taqdeer e Umam Kiya hae, Koi keh nai sakta,

Momin ki farasat ho tou kaafi hae ishara

Who knows the nations fates?, But signs abound, If Muslims are wakeful


We still have time to encounter the shortcomings and give whatever credit is due to them, even if we have to compromise our basic necessities to give the Baloch a message that we all love you for Allah, you make the largest part of Pakistan. Without you there is no existence. We, as a nation, should submit our apologies to heal their pain and make them equal and above partners in our national pursuit towards prosperity.

Mohammed Ibrahim Qazi

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Mohammed Ibrahim Qazi, is a trainee scholar of Inventive Business Studies whilst specializes in keeping relations with the Government and International Organizations. He is serving as Director Foreign Relations at University of Management and Technology, Lahore

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  1. There is only one solution to the Balochistan problem – you have to empower the ordinary Baloch, you have to give them freedom (true azadi!); not from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (because that is not what they want), they want azadi from the tyranny of the sardars that have had virtually complete control over the lives (and deaths) of the ordinary people. The sardars, etc that are talking about freedom are saying so because they just want to continue to pocket the royalties. Had these sardars ever cared about their own people then they would have spent money on them; or in the very least permitted money to be spent for the betterment of ordinary Balochis. I have traveled in the province and it saddens me to see the lack of development. When the Japanese Govt offered to build the Khuzdar highway, why were their workers threatened? Why was it necessary to deploy FC to protect the construction workers that were working on a project for the betterment of Balochis? Why are educationists and doctors murdered? To drive further anger among the common people! Who stands to gain the most out of all this??? Simply – the separatist Sardars!
    The Balochis are our brothers! We love them and want to see them prosper, because their prosperity is the prosperity of Pakistan.

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