Baithak School System – A Systematic approach

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Education is the first step towards change but unfortunately it is one of the most neglected fields in Pakistan.  While poverty is skyrocketing in the country, education for poor is becoming a farfetched dream.

Baithak School System is trying to change this for better. It operates under the banner of Society for Educational Welfare (SEW); a movement which is organized by female volunteers to educate the destitute children across the country.

It didn’t start as a school system; rather it was a single room and a few fresh graduates from Karachi University took up the gigantic task of teaching those who can’t pay for their education. Tayaba Atif and her enthusiastic friends took the initiative to payback the society in the form of education. These remarkable ladies joined hands to create a difference. Their goal was simple; to contribute to extent to which they could by teaching poor kids in an area where there was no government school and hence the first Baithak School came into being.

The feedback was great; more people were motivated with the move which helped in gathering human and financial resources and within short span of two years, 57 baithak schools were opened in those areas where the government didn’t bother to provide education. Schools were more focused on imparting primary education to those kids who usually didn’t turn up to the schools. Social activists went door to door to convince the parents for education of their children. Things started improving and now almost 14000 students are studying in 134 baithak schools across the country. In the year 2000, Society for Educational Welfare (SEW) was registered as a non-profit organization to provide the umbrella cover for the school system.

The aim of the Baithak schools is to provide quality education to the under privileged students. Even with low level infra-structure, high quality education can be imparted to those who cannot afford it. More focus is given to the girls and hence 80% students are girls in these schools. Funds and donations are raised for children who cannot afford their school books and uniforms. There are some salaried teachers, but most of the staff and entire management consist of dedicated volunteers.

There is more to the SEW than just being a school system. It is totally managed by female volunteers, a rarity in our society. Pakistan is a country, where women are usually tagged with being victims of violence and oppression. It is propagated that they are not allowed to work in the main stream. “The developed world” continuously asks questions if women are allowed to go outside their homes and get education in Pakistan. In this scenario, an organization, fully managed by women and doing something meaningful is more than merely appreciable. This is the bright picture of Pakistan we need to portray to the world that our females are contributing to the fullest in the development of the country, under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah.


Muhammad Saad Khan

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Biomedical Engineer with a diverse background of engineering and management.

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  1. Good job Saad… I am impressed.

  2. Wow..nice work for the poor..this work was the duty of state though.

  3. Well done Saad..! Keep it up..:)

  4. good article! I was among those who are with this project ,since beginning. dream became reality! I remember initial days when we had no office. Just moving here and there with files……making books with own hands, by used copies ……..etc etc.Where there is will there is the way.may Allah grant us right path!

  5. Great article. Superb initiative.
    Pakistan zindabad!

  6. baithak schools makes history.salam to volunteers and management

  7. Very nice presentation of the “Nice Work” . done by SEW ( Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Khawateen)

  8. very good article Saad

  9. thanks for sharing

  10. Hi .. I would like to teach in such schools to help the kids. Is it possible to have any volunteer job in such organization on weekends?
    Kindly let me know if you guys know any such school.

  11. الله کرے زورِ قلم اور زیادە۔

  12. SEW is a project of Jamaat e Islami women wing it just illustrates that Jamaat e Islami women wing consists of educated and socially conscious women who know the needs of the society and they are very active in social work and do things which matter for the society rather than just spewing propaganda on the basis of lack of facilities. May Allah accept this noble work of Jamaat e Islami women wing. the so called liberals who criticize Jamaat e Islami regarding role of women should also see this I don’t know any women’s organization which is as big and as active in social work as Jamaat e Islami women wing in Pakistan.

  13. sir mein bhi yeh job hasil kr k apny gaon k bucho ko taleem dena chahti hun plz mje guide kren is job ko hasil krny mein..

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