American White ‘Taliban’?

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A day after the tragic shooting incident at a gurdwara, a mosque in the US was burned to the ground for the second time in little more than a month in an arson attack. It is an alarming situation in the US that within two days, two communities had been attacked by “unknown” terrorists. It is worrisome to see how the radicalism penetrated into the American society has started expressing itself. Those who have witnessed emergence of variety of Taliban around the world for instance, ‘Afghan Taliban’, ‘Pakistani Taliban’, ‘Punjabi Taliban’ and so on, can sniff existence of ‘American white Taliban’ evidently.

Taliban psychology is represented by violent intolerance in the western media. When the reason of killing and violence is racism and intolerance for other races and religions, it is tagged as ‘stone-aged’ and ‘militant’ ‘Taliban’ psychology. Now, this is what has been ominously witnessed in US as well. It is the need of the hour to dig out and control this home-grown militancy being nurtured, flourished and aided within the US.

US government would need to plan something much more vicious than what it plans for rest of the world to control these factors, as it would be very much embarrassing for the US to kill militants and terrorists oceans away for the safety of Americans when it cannot assure safety of Americans from militancy within America. I am sure, Obama would opt to go for using drones to deal with this inhuman uproar as drones remain the most accurate, flawless and safest weapon being extensively used in America’s terrifying war on terror.

As a face-saving attempt, US might hurry to declare that the reasons behind these attacks had been nothing more than innocent psychological ailments as attackers are not “colour-skinned”. Just as Robert Bales, US marine, who killed 16 civilians and set fire to their dead bodies in an Afghan village in March 2012, was declared to have “some psychological issues”. Again, as US marine, Frank Wuterich, convicted over 2005 massacre of 24 civilians in Iraq attended jail for only three months. He said in his official statement: “I responded to what I perceived as a threat and my intention was to eliminate that threat in order to keep the rest of my Marines alive”. This would be a very good explanation for what home-grown American terrorists did recently. But I still wonder, how this “potential threat” would explain marines urinating on dead bodies of Afghans.

However, US government should take these reputation stabilizing attempts much before American Taliban group proudly stands up and takes the responsibility of these attacks on what they perceived to be “potential threats”.

Aisha Ghazi

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Molecular Biologist by education, keen observer of politics and a poetess by default.

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  1. liked these ironic lines the most:
    ” I am sure, Obama would opt to go for using drones to deal with this inhuman uproar as drones remain the most accurate, flawless and safest weapon being extensively used in America’s terrifying war on terror.”

  2. excellent read! i agree, the american drones are the most sophisticated, before they explode their ammunition, they first do a forensic check followed by a judicial trial to confirm that only terrorist are being hit.

  3. Bulls eye. This leaves Obama with no option but to surrender the Nobel “Peace” award which ironically was conferred upon him, for being the “General” of the troops who set on fire the corpses and urinate on them. Shame stands ashamed when it comes to talk about this country of “threat” inventors and courier agencies of democracies

  4. Aisha such a spot on analysis! Excellent read! At least America should practice it at home what it preach-practice or rather religiously practice in the rest of the world (apparently only against Muslim world). The petite sister Afia can be a threat even if nothing can be proved against her, and sentenced a life time but the ‘Poor White Taliban’ happens to be in need of some compassion! Wah rey double standards!!!

  5. […] […]

  6. White anglo saxson the real face behind liberalism,infact fascist international govt is to be impose on the globe.look at so called liberal media mouthpeices of US ,advicing WAsP terrorists that sikhs r hindus not muslims,so get right direction.aftr tht advice we saw a mosque being torched with fire and no mention in zionist media.thnk it wd be done with synogogue,wht wd be the reaction in zionist controled media of USZ.I thnk u all well aware of tht.many muslims have love with dollars so now the time is come fr thm to pay back.tht will happen and must happen.

  7. Yes, we have the Christian Taliban in the United states!

  8. Excellent write up with some strong arguments and thoughtful analysis of the situation. Going to share with my American colleagues.

    Looks like that the Americans need to clean up their own closets before pointing fingers at others

  9. People like the author want to earn more and more name and fame at the cost of others, what it may take. The writer Aisha Ghazi is dying to be the recent Oscar award winner Shermeen Obaid Chinnoy. She wants to please the westren and american world by calling these terrorists “Taliban”. And why not ? She lives in england and she needs to show her Englishness by depicting her loyality to her ” Mother Queen”. All thumbs down to her.

  10. What bothers me most is the fact that the Western media has taken the word “Taliban” and turned it into something vile and evil. Most probably, in the near future, we will be seeing this word as a synonym of “Terrorist”.

    The original Taliban (meaning “students” in Pashto) were (and are) nothing more then a group of Islamic Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan who were doing nothing more then trying protect their homeland from invasion, when America first attacked. Which I’m sure is perfectly logical. This little fact is not generally known, and is what has caused the labelling of them as being a “Terrorist Movement”.

    More misunderstanding and the attitude of the western media has led to the simple word “Taliban” being misunderstood for “Terrorists”. Terrorist groups in Afghanistan were labelled “Afghani Taliban”, such groups in Pakistan became the “Pakistani Taliban” and now I’m hearing about “American Taliban”.
    “Let’s see how long it takes for British or Chinese Taliban to emerge.” This has become a sort of a joke amongst people who know about the origin of the word.
    The mention of this word causes fear amongst people. Just a mention of this word caused a British friend of mine to jump.
    I just hope and pray that I am able to something even if it small, about this and every other injustice that is being done on the Muslims of the world.

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